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“Habits are actions that you take on a repeated basis with little or no required effort or thought,” says Tynan, the author of “Superhuman by Habit.” This phrase gives the best definition of a habit, but one thing that is missing here is that a habit is a very useful thing in our everyday life. First of all, it saves our time. We don’t need to spend hours to choose the cafe we want to have breakfast at if we have a habit of having breakfast at one we like most. Of course, you may say that there are good and bad habits. And you’re absolutely right, but here we’re going to talk about 5 backed by science habits that make your career super successful. Because the second good thing about habits is productivity growth. 

If you want to lower reliance on willpower and motivation, increase respect in the workplace and get the work goals with less effort, here’s a list of 5 science-backed tips. Check them out! 


Posture matters 

You may not take it seriously, but the way we keep our posture can influence success in our career. According to Tinbergen Institute research, taller people are smarter, look more confident, are leader-like and even earn more money. “But how can it help me?” you may ask. We can’t change our height, but we can manipulate our posture. There are some so-called “power poses” (such as keeping your hands on your hips) and “passive poses” (such as dropping shoulders down). Being aware of all these tricks can make you look more powerful and become a good boost to your self-confidence and successful career. 

Improving that never stops

No matter how professional you become at your work, you always need to develop new skills and competencies. Neuroplasticity proved that we can teach our brain to do things we thought we weren’t naturally gifted at. And it takes not that long. To give proof, look at the successful science experiment conducted by Professor Dr. Carol Dweck. He gathered 2 groups of people at work and trained them. Then he added a “growth mindset” training to one of the groups and taught people to realize that they are able to cope with tasks that demand skills they naturally didn’t have. The result was unpredictable. The group with the growth mindset training made a huge step forward in professional growth in comparison to the other one, where people started to show even worse performance.

Positive thinking is the way out

The idea of positive thinking is the way how to get ahead in life. Through positive thinking, we can overcome troubles, and according to the Gallup research, a positive mindset makes us even more productive. Plus, other researchers have found that enthusiastic people with positive thinking have a higher dopamine level in comparison to the lazy and always dissatisfied. A positive way of thinking can be a tricky thing to implement in our daily life, but if you try even something as simple as faking a smile - you’ll feel the difference. 


The fewer tasks, the higher productivity

Sometimes it seems that we live in a world of modern Julius Caesars. Everybody strives to do several things at once, and many employers are looking for people who can multitask. In fact, it doesn’t work. Moreover, multitasking could be dangerous and can destroy our work-life balance. A study conducted at Stanford University found that we become less productive while doing several tasks. Furthermore, multitaskers find it more difficult to concentrate attention, recall information or switch tasks in comparison to someone who concentrates at one job at a time. So, if you consider yourself as a multitasker, it’s ok, but think over how it influences your productivity and self-being.

Be on the right wave

Music plays an important role in our daily productivity. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find a perfect song match with your current mood and activity. In this case, it’s cool to create a special playlist with songs to boost confidence. Research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University found out that high-power music helps people feel the ground under their feet and control the situation. The most empowering songs turned out to be:

  • “We Will Rock You” by Queen
  • “Get Ready for This” by 2 Unlimited
  • “In Da Club” by 50 Cent

According to the scientists, such an effect can be explained by the prominent bass in these songs. So, if you’re preparing for a big project or doing stand-up, just play these songs and get a portion of self-power.

Of course, you should be ready that not every one of these science-based strategies suits you, but even trying one can lay the groundwork for your mindset changes, and you won’t need to wake up every morning with a question ‘what do I want to do today’ anymore. Just check this list out one more time, and go ahead and work it like a boss. 


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