4 Reasons LinkedIn Matters in Your Job Search

Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool. You will be surprised but, in fact, among all career strategies this one is meant to be the best that can help you to get a job with ease. Keep reading if you are wondering how to use LinkedIn and land a job.

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The job market is overflowing with professionals and respectively is very competitive. Job seekers try to use diverse tricks in order to increase their chances to get hired. Social media became an integral part of the recruitment process and LinkedIn is crucial job search tool for you. More and more employers use LinkedIn to find top talented potential employees. While job hunting, your LinkedIn profile has to be your first priority. We will teach you how to use LinkedIn to land the job.

Check out 4 reasons you should take care of your LinkedIn profile.

How to use LinkedIn effectively

If you are wondering now, should I make a LinkedIn profile better or create a new one, the answer is definitely YES! People who believe that they don’t need a LinkedIn profile are so wrong. LinkedIn has over 100 million visitors each month and 2 new users join each second.

Having a well-organized LinkedIn profile is crucial for both students and professionals. Therefore, it’s imperative to improve your online presence.

1.      Recruiters use it widely

89% of recruiters and hiring managers have a personal LinkedIn profile and 90% of them use this social platform for LinkedIn advanced search. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why it matters to your job search. Recruiters not just post jobs on LinkedIn. They use LinkedIn profile search to find potential employees. Respectively you have all chances to find a job and to get hired once you check out LinkedIn job board and enhance your profile!

2.      LinkedIn helps you to build trust

Building trust will be important not just for full-time job seekers, but for freelancers, businesspersons etc. LinkedIn will be a great proof that you are existing professional and all you do is real and it is not way too good to be true. Don’t be naive. Your resume will never be enough to contact you. Recruiters will certainly check out your LinkedIn profile before calling you. Everyone needs a verification. In order to be chosen, you have to create a profile that will show that you are trustworthy and committed professional. Employers want to make sure they choose the right person to invite for an interview in order not to waste their time on interviewing the wrong one.

3.      LinkedIn is a perfect tool for personal branding

Personal branding is our everything. LinkedIn is the best and, actually, the most used social media tool that helps you manage this. Building a super strong personal brand will be extremely beneficial for business owners or for startup owners. Career experts recommend instead of copying the information resume, you have to create an engaging profile and fill it with compelling information that will show who you are and what is your main objective. Design your profile specially for your career field audience or clients. Once they search LinkedIn, it will set you apart and will help you gain website traffic and social engagement.

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4.      It is an opportunity to expand network

Even if you are currently employed and are completely satisfied and happy with your job, still LinkedIn is a must for you. LinkedIn is a powerful hiring tool and it matters for your job search primarily because you have an excellent opportunity to network with your potential recruiters and you can make useful connections or find job openings and build your network or expand existing one. In the future, you will be able to utilize it, just in case times are tough. The solid backup will never hurt. Remember, the thing is you know someone who knows someone. Like this, you will be able to ask for an introduction from your newly acquired connections and in their term, they have connections that will help you eventually get a dream job.

How to enhance your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn job seeker has to take special care of the profile in order to achieve success.

Before applying for jobs on LinkedIn, make it as professional as possible. It is not your Facebook page, so it’s not recommended to post any information or images that can compromise your career. You should be consistent with your contact information and experience. Make sure it coincides with your resume. Remember about including special LinkedIn keywords that will be relevant to your career field and therefore it will get your resume more viewed by recruiters. But don’t forget to proofread it multiple times before saving all changes.

Now you know that using LinkedIn to find a job or just to network is of paramount importance. After improving LinkedIn profile, you will become more employable on the spot. Keep going on your way to success!


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