The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job Through Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has its own job search engine and it is a powerful running tool that helps people get a new job? It has been launched in 2016 for the USA and Canada and has already impacted the whole recruitment world. The successful job search tool is working now in more than 40 countries all over the world.

In fact, job search on Facebook is an easy-to-use tool that will guide you through the overall job application process. You can browse job openings, use filters to make your search more relevant, submit your application, communicate with hiring managers via chat and schedule interviews. Now, Facebook became the second job search tool and social network for recruiters after LinkedIn. According to the latest statistics 1 in  4 adults in the USA has already searched for jobs through Facebook or even found one. Become one of these lucky employed guys. We have prepared a detailed guide that will help you get a job with Facebook.


Prepare Your Facebook account First

Facebook now is among top places for any businesses interested in recruiting a new team member. Companies use this social media to find out more info about a person they intend to hire and they expect candidates to list their FB account so they can easily check whether they are a good fit or not. Therefore, your first and main task will be to take care of your personal brand via Facebook and take your online presence to the next level. You should take care of your account as of your social media resume and down below you will find tips that will help you make it.

1. Your User Profile

You have to make sure your profile is impeccable before you even start applying for jobs. The good news is that recruiters will see only your public profile. Nevertheless, you have to add your interest in different professional job-related events, add pictures that can demonstrate recruiters your career or academic progress. Remember that first impression lasts forever, so put some efforts in creating a professional image. 

2. Introduction and “About” Sections

These two sections are your chance to work on your personal branding. Think of the info you want everyone to read about you first and put it in the introduction. The LinkedIn headline works pretty much the same way. You have only 100 characters, so think twice what info you would love to put to attract and impress.

In the “About” section you can write more information and it’s similar to a LinkedIn summary. You have enough space to sell yourself as a professional, sell your skills, knowledge and industry expertise as well as your main characteristics as a team member.

3. Experience and Education Sections

Facebook has made your career and education history more visible on your profile. Each role that you decide to put in the section appears directly under the introduction section. Once you fill in your career history, Facebook will populate your profile automatically. In case you have employment gaps, try to avoid dates. Instead, focus on listing the best professional skills and achievements. Include all institutions where you got a degree and connect to your college page.

4. Skills Sections

Skills section follows your Education section. There’s a limit to your professional skills so think of most prominent skills you want recruiters to see on your profile. Try to be as specific as possible. Your skill set has to be relevant to your dream job. Job seekers usually overlook this section, however, it has enormous potential for your success. It can increase the chances to get noticed. Your skills will be automatically tagged in the search engine and your profile will be likely to pop up in recruiter’s results.


5. Timeline

Your timeline is a simple resume that gives recruiters a chance to see closer your personal and professional life. Making sure you have included the info that creates a robust picture of your life is essential. If possible create some well-written professional posts or add some articles related to your career industry. Steer clear of using inappropriate wording, hate speech, posting provocative or controversial pictures, etc. Most importantly, avoid speaking negatively of your employers, past or the current one, or you risk to ruin your successful job hunt.

6. Status Update Settings

Check your status update settings. For each activity on Facebook, you can choose its settings, you can make it visible to “public,” “friends,” “only me,” or “other”. If you have a globe next to your status it means that everyone can see what you have shared. It’s never too late to change the status. If you don’t want recruiters to see your personal info, just change the status update settings.

7. Create a Facebook Business Page

This option is for those who take a job search process seriously. After setting up a business page your profile will be indexed and ranked higher in Google search. The page will also give you opportunities that you won’t have with a regular page. The most notable feature is the notes tab which functions pretty much similar to a blog. You can share your ideas, thoughts, opinions about your career industry. To reach more people you can try to sponsor the page.

8. “View As” Function

If you have already finished updating your Facebook profile, you can have the final check and make sure everything is perfect and ready for a successful job hunt. “View as” function allows you to see your profile as everyone else will see it. Click on the three dots below your cover image and choose the function of public view. Keep in mind that this function is available only for your desktop version.


Get your Facebook Job Search Right

Once your profile is ready and polished, it’s high time to start your actual job search by following the next 8 tips to take your job search to the next level.

1. Make a List of Companies

Facebook is a tricky thing. Once you start searching pages, you can suddenly realize you were pulled way off your topic. Facebook is a great tool but there are a lot of temptations that you have to deal with. In order not to be off track, create a list of interesting companies beforehand and check out their profiles. There you can find more info about the companies, their culture, and values. 

2. Find Job Openings

After you have figured out companies that you want to explore, your task is to search for job openings. Browse company official pages one by one. To make your job search more effective use jobs dashboard located on the sidebar on Facebook or in “more” section on your mobile app. You can apply different filters to narrow the search and make it easier to browse vacancies.

3. Find jobs in Facebook Groups

You can use not just a Facebook job board, but also check out different groups where people share and post job openings in various career industries. Enter your location and put the word «jobs» into search so you can find a relevant group.

4. Look up Company Employees

To learn about a dream company from the inside you can simply type “people who work at [company name]” and you will instantly get the list of employees who have included the company name in their career history. You can browse their pages or you can try and contact a person and ask for some details regarding the company or the work process in general. 


5. Insert Your Online Resume

If you found an interesting job opening, you can click on the button “apply now” right away. You will be automatically forwarded to a page with your name, education and job history included, everything you have made public will be already inserted. You will save your time each time you apply, but you still can edit the info and add what’s missing.

6. Cover Letter

Facebook doesn’t give you an option to upload your resume or a cover letter, however, you can find a box where you can write 1000-character note similar to a cover letter where you can tell more about your professional achievements, aspirations and explain why you want to work for a specific company.

7. Like, Follow and Subscribe

Don’t forget to like and subscribe to all company pages that you are interested in. You will stay informed about the latest events and new job opportunities that will show up in your feed. Follow recruiters and other people to create a strong online network that will be also beneficial in the future.

8. Final Step

After you press “send” button you will see an open messenger conversation between you and the company's page on Facebook. Once the info about you is received you will receive a confirmation. You will communicate with recruiters directly in the messenger. The last and the main rule for you is to stay professional and not send any emoji or gifts. So, with these tips, you are completely ready to get your next job on Facebook.

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