10 Great Holiday Jobs to Obtain This Winter

Apart from supplementing your income, seasonal jobs present a host of other benefits. One among them is that they help you acquire useful experience that can go a long way in improving your resume. Moreover, these opportunities offer you a chance to travel, either to another state or abroad for work. A break from your environment and routine activities, a chance to take up a job that complements your lifestyle, forming useful networks, and a high possibility of turning a temporary gig into a career are other advantages of seasonal employment.

In light of these benefits, it is easy to see why you might want to take up an opportunity for seasonal work. And if you are having trouble identifying what role to fulfill this winter, this post covers 10 of the best holiday jobs you can apply for, either on a part-time or full-time basis.


Holiday Decorator

In this role, you have to put up decorations and designs that enliven the mood of your customer. For this reason, you must have a sense of making things come to life and creativity. This way, you can arrange bulbs, flowers, and other decorative items in a way that impresses. The typical salary for this role falls between USD 8 and USD 17 each hour.

Santa Claus

Before we go any further, this job is not for the faint-hearted. You will have kids all around jumping and climbing, all in a bid to whisper their wishes into your ears. And if that is not daunting enough, you also have to don the red, bulky, Santa Claus suit. So, are you ready for it? If you are, you can apply for the job this winter.

To be hired for this seasonal job, contact a Santa Distributor – a firm that assigns Santas to different malls. If you get the job, be sure that you are prepared to move to another location (if required) for almost six weeks.

As for the salary, expect to earn the amount between USD 10 to USD 200 for every hour you don Santa’s suit. Over the entire gig duration, you can make USD 10,000 as a beginner or USD 50,000 as an experienced Santa.

Product Demonstrator

“Would you like to test our new product?” If you can stay confident while saying this phrase to a customer, then feel free to apply for a demonstrator job. Setting up stands, standing, and walking around are some of the things you can expect from this job. The money you earn will be a product of the number of hours you have put in and the specified hourly rate is  USD 9-21 per hour.

Cashier Job

If you are good at math and have the energy to stay focused all day, a cashier role will suit you this winter. Depending on who hires you, there might be short tutorials on operating cash registers, workplace regulations, and so forth. Therefore, it will be easy for you to transition into your duty seamlessly.

Note, your potential boss might conduct a background or credit score check to ensure that you are able to handle money. That said, if you need to improve your CV ahead of submitting it for this post, take time to learn about the top soft skills for resume. As a cashier, expect to earn about USD 7 to USD 13 each hour you are on the job.

Retail Gigs

Are you good with people? Monetize your skills by helping shoppers to locate what they want without intruding on their personal space. Some of the responsibilities you can expect with this winter job include stocking shelves, marking price tags, taking inventories, and preparing displays.

The salary for retail jobs falls between USD 8 and USD 18 every hour. Depending on your employer, you might get some bonuses too.


Gift Wrapping Jobs

Gift wrapping is one of the most typical winter jobs. In case you can wrap packaging around a gift neatly, you have an opportunity to make some good money from this skill. Malls, gift shops, and departmental stores are some of the places you can get an item wrapping gig.

For every hour on the job, expect a pay between USD 8 and USD 13.

Shipping Personnel

Package shipping companies, for example, FedEx and local stores, are ever in need of workers. Therefore, depending on your schedule, you can apply to take up opportunities as a packer, labeler, register clerk, logistics personnel, and so forth. Note, from time to time; you might have to lift bulky items. The average salary per hour for this job ranges from USD 9 to USD 22.

Call Center Agent

In this role, you will be assisting buyers in finding items, check order status, or availing their payment details. When it comes to the nature of the job, you should brace yourself for long hours of sitting.

Luckily, the silver lining is that some providers of this type of job allow you to work from home. Nonetheless, you will need a fast internet, a land-line, and a quiet workplace. And note, for success in this job, good computer, listening, verbal, and language skills are also necessary. A call center agent earns an average of USD 9 to USD 24 per hour of work.

Restaurant Greeter

Restaurants significantly contribute when it comes to providing winter seasons jobs. By availing the post mentioned above, they implement it in one of the possible ways. In this role, you will have the task of greeting customers and guiding them accordingly at the door of the premise. Expect an average of USD 7 to USD 12 per hour to get on this job.


It is one of the best seasonal jobs for those of us with a sweet tooth. If on top of this you share craving and excellent baking skills, then you can find a job at a nearby bakery to earn an income this winter. If you get the job, look forward to a salary of USD 8 to USD 17 every hour.

Closing Remarks

Before we wind up, note that thanks to the internet, there has been a proliferation in online jobs. Consequently, you now have a wider pool of opportunities at your disposal. So, feel free to check out some work from home jobs for 2020 to supplement your income.

To sum it up, these are some of the winter gigs you can consider to boost your income. And while most of these opportunities are part-time, some are full-time. For this reason, before you apply for seasonal jobs, it is best to organize your job search and research the positions to ensure that you land one that fits your availability.

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