How to get hired by socially responsible companies

Young people all over the globe constantly concern themselves with social problems. According to multiple surveys, both Millennials and Gen Z are extremely invested in the geopolitical and environmental lives of their respective countries. Poverty, climate change, government accountability, educational institution problems are only a couple of major concerns that trouble the young workforce and compels to actively partake in dealing with these problems by creating protests, meetings, approaching politicians and so on.

Young adults of today are definitely different from the past generations and the world and especially job market react appropriately. The fact of concerned young people has prompted many companies to adopt not only the image of being socially responsible, but rather actually take up a social mission and social responsibility. Thusly, of course, the policies of hiring at companies with high corporate social responsibility have altered a bit. Now, when recruiters and HRs are considering a candidate they not only look at their professional capabilities and ability to fit into the company culture but also their social involvement. 

As a result of these change brought on by new streams of thought and approach to life, we have a question stem before our very own eyes and that is “How to get hired in this job market of socially responsible companies?”


Show you have a social mission of your own in a cover letter

This point, of course, refers to what you will put in your cover letter. Because there is not a lot of place for personal interests in the resume, the cover letter, on the other hand, seems like a perfect space for showing your persisting desire to help the world around. 

Upon reading this paragraph do not be surprised that I am talking about cover letters. They are definitely not obsolete and you can still get a lot of usage out of them. Companies receive a big, a VERY big number, of job applications constantly and being truly unique among an incredible mass is very difficult. However, a cover letter filled with passion for some cause and how it relates to the company that is being applied for can really make an impression on an HR.

Show your own social responsibility at during the hiring process

Consistency is something that should shine throughout your application and signal that you do not switch from running hot to running cold in a matter of minutes. Especially consistent should stay the information you present yourself in your resume and cover letter. If you write you help your local community in your cover letter but do not prove it in your resume – this raises some questions. 

All I am trying to convey is that you should be careful with what you say and how you say. Over-exaggerating things does not lead to anything good just as unapologetic lying. Of course, you can decorate your resume however you want, but in an interview, most lies come out. So, just be frank with who you are and say how it is. If you never did any volunteering, but wish to involve yourself, then just say so.

Do some volunteering and put it onto your resume

The company you want to work at is socially responsible? Then why continue wishing, if you can just go out and get some of that volunteering experience? Volunteer work not only boosts you chances of being employed by a socially responsible company but also increases you chances of getting hired in general. Volunteering has many other great benefits that are discussed in this blog all about being a volunteer and impacts of this socially oriented culture.

Think of this as an internship that might not give you any hard skills and technical knowledge but can develop you as a professional in other ways.


Research whether the company was involved in charity

This is an important aspect of any good application, but in the context of socially responsible firms, it is crucial. Why? Because you knowing the latest social initiative/charity/volunteering that the company you are applying for, can and will earn you extra points during an interview.

”Why?” – You may ask again. Well, that is easy. You mentioning company’s activities shows that you put interest into such things and that they have made real world impact. Both things will not go unnoticed by the interviewers, you can be sure of that.

Inquire about the employee volunteer programs at the company

An interview is a chance for firms and companies to find out what they want about candidates. However, it is not as one-sided as it may seem at first. An interview also allows candidates to turn the tables and ask the HR and your prospective employer some questions.

This can be used to your advantage, as asking well-researched questions and showing genuine interest in the positions will move HRs towards hiring you. Additionally, it shows a broader spectrum of intelligence and your plans for this employment. For example, such questions as “How your company goes about engaging employees socially?” or “What is the main social mission of your company?” can win you a job.

However, do not focus on only giving back to the environment and society

It is, however, important to remember that you are not being hired to only do volunteer work. Do not go crazy in-depth about all of your good deeds, as your possible employers can think that the only thing you care about is volunteering. This, in opposition to all of the afore-mentioned points, can lose you a job.

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