Job Market Trends of 2018

As the end of the year is inevitably approaching, it`s high time to start thinking about the next year. Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball to tell what the future holds for us; at least, you can start career planning and get ready to take your professional life to the next level. Keep reading this article to understand work market trends of the future and prepare to be the best in your sphere.

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Traditional jobs

First and foremost, bear in mind that the majority of traditional jobs are going to be less valued, however, a great interest in tech jobs may lead to the extinction of some of them. Considering this, best tech jobs for 2018 will belong to the software developers, who know scalable programming languages, Java, PHP, and even C++.  Moreover, most needed jobs in this sphere will be those of front-end developers, as AI is not going anywhere.

Another tendency of employment market is connected with the media. Nowadays job market seems to be overloaded with SMM and SEO specialists; various networks are thought to influence consumer choices even more in 2017. Thuswise, business analyst and project manager roles are going to be of great importance, so upgrade your social media skills now!

Furthermore, Bureau of Labor Statistics has more predictions about healthcare and social roles saying that these industries will be at the top of the employment charts.

Novel roles

Surely, new vacancies will appear and the list of most needed jobs will be added by such positions: data visualizer, data scientist, data analyst, data artist, performance marketer, CRM specialist, marketing automation, and customer analytics. Other jobs connected with AI and marketing will undoubtedly conquer US job market.

Skills to have

As tech skills are a priority for the most in-demand jobs, soft skills will follow the lead of employment world. You can be taught any programming language, you can attend courses to understand marketing but if you`re working with people, you are to give speeches, motivate employees and lead them to success. Those workers who are engaged in with the technology and have emotionally intelligent teams will win the game. Do not postpone boosting your communication skills, as job market changes constantly and you have to be in the loop. Surely, your flexibility and willingness to learn will be the best skills to have in the fast-moving world of 2018 job trends. That is, the world of innovations, where one wrong step leads a thousand steps further.

Job search and recruitment

In such automated, globalized and industrialized working environment, personal branding will be a matter of vital importance. LinkedIn and other networks alike will become the main reason for recruiters to ask a person for an interview. On the other hand, a professional resume will still be on the must-have list of every job seeker. This is the reason why various AI resume builders will become a well-known and established term for all job hunters. Such services as Skillroads will become a handy service and compete greatly to catch the attention of customers. Their main task is to beat ATS (Application Tracking System) and let an applicant for a position get the desired position.

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For both creative and non-creative occupations, applicants are to have digital portfolios. In the first case, of their projects (pics, videos, etc.) and in the second case, a career portfolio, which will substitute an original CV with infographics of a person`s professional path.

Another tendency in the job search deals with hiring managers, who`ll invent novel methods of looking for and screening applicants. The most popular way of finding the best fits for the open vacancies will be through newsletters, social media pages, and blind recruitment. The last one aims to avoid diversity bias, discrimination and personal prejudices of an interviewer towards an applicant. Blind recruitment withholds personal details of a job seeker, for instance, gender, age, names, salaries and even previous workplaces and names of institutions will not be mentioned in a resume. By doing so, a hiring manager takes a look at the person`s real knowledge and is not burdened by brand names and identifications. Such anonymity ensures that candidates get more chances to be employed for their skills and professional achievements, so the best college majors for jobs will disappear.

More projections for the decade

Generally, career trends will transform and focus on human-oriented occupations, as it might be seen from the stats below:

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As we can see, high demand jobs in the next 10 years will belong to the specialists of the healthcare, social and information technology industries.

Speaking of salary and industry trends one has to know that the highest paying jobs of the following decade will belong to web development, biomedical engineering, and analysis experts. It`s interesting that oil and gas, IT security, as well as mining experts are supposed to have same salaries of approximately $90.000- 130.000.

Therefore, my advice for you now is to have a sit, analyze these job trends, understand your aims for the coming year and develop ways of achieving your goals. Take your time and advance your professional life greatly!

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