Skype Interview Survival Guide

Nowadays more than 13 million US employees work from home, that`s why it has become the latest tendency to practice express employment. That means that you can get a job not leaving your favorite armchair with the help of distant interview. In view of this, Skype has evolved into a one of a kind tool for selecting candidates. However, skype interview as any other type of interview is not an easy path to walk. They say that passing video interview is even harder than to do it face-to-face. Why is that so? Well, in our globalized world it`s hard to impress a recruiter and to make a great first impression and with the help of current technologies, you can try to have a decent conversation with a person you don`t even see with your own eyes. You can`t analyze the behavior of the recruiter as you have a limited image of him/her. Moreover, the tech world is not perfect and lots of things can go wrong. Therefore, the best decision here is to plan and try to foresee hindrances, which may arise. One day from now the world will be a completely another place, so earlier or later you`ll have to deal with such kind of an interview. So we recommend learning skype interview tips below to be ready for it when the time comes and get the idea of skype interviews do's and don'ts.

How to prepare for a Skype interview?

So what it actually takes to get ready for the interview with the help of skype? Let`s see.

1.      Regulate all Skype issues

Skype photo

Your very first task in the row is to check your Internet connection and test if your headphones work properly. Make skype test call to your friend in order to understand what technological glitches may ruin your conversation with a recruiting person. Is your microphone OK? Does a camera show a real image of you or the pic is somehow distorted? Is your camera covered with dust? Clean it up and solve all problems like these. A test skype video will determine such obstacles. One more advice is to make sure that you have money on your Skype account. Have you paid the fee for your services?

Bear in mind that it`s an interview, so ensure that you look professional. By this, I mean that in the process of making skype account pay attention to your username. It doesn`t have to be funny. Make your username understandable and easy-to-find. Name and surname is a sure-fire decision in this case. You don`t want to spoil the first impression by the glimpses from your past when you thought that Star Wars were great and created a Skype username «jediforlife13». Refine it or create a new account.

2.      Do your research

For sure, you are to browse the web in order to find out as much info about the company you`ve applied to as possible. Here you are to look at the detailed data. Understand firm`s culture, restrictions, everyday routine. It`s also beneficial to tailor resume to the vision of a particular organization. Therefore, you are to create a great resume, which matches recruiter`s expectations of you. Don`t forget to make use of skype presentations if necessary.

It`s a digital interview, which means that you have an advantage of cheating. Yes, you`ve read it right. Maybe you`ve forgotten the name of the director of the company you want to get the job at, or you`re hesitating how to spell a certain word. You can Google it! An interviewer sees the limited image of you, so you can find the info. But be careful and try to seem normal, don`t fidget.

3.      Prepare the space for a business meeting

In order to ace an interview of this kind, you are to prepare the area of your interview. Where will you be during the process of interviewing? Think about it deeply. Choose an area, which is clean and silent. By this, I mean that you should leave a room, where you can hear your neighbors fighting or kids singing. If you`re at your house, clean the space, which will be seen on the screen. Make sure that your background is not distracting and you are the main focus of the viewer.

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4.      Practice a few times

Remember that practice makes perfect, so it`s your task to find common interview questions on the Internet and try answering them. Do it with your friend or roommate. You may think that it`s unnecessary but bear in mind that a lot of things can get out of hand and you are to be ready to meet them with dignity.

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5.      Dress up appropriately

Job seekers frequently underestimate this point. Of course, you`re at your house and that makes you feel comfortable. Remember that you`re about to attend a business meeting, so interview attire is of pivotal importance. No matter whether you`re applying for the position as a freelance or office worker, you are to show your attitude. Exclude striking colors from your interview outfit. You are to look neat and office-like.

Video interview tips

These tips are more general, however, learning them can land you a job, so don`t postpone learning them.

1)      Mind the etiquette

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Your next task is to think about skype interview etiquette. Remember to greet an interviewer(s) and try to stick to form a business meeting. Afterwards, try to keep it simple and be upbeat. If you`re trying to handle panel interview, remember to pay attention to and interact with each interviewer. Show your engagement in the conversation and log out of all your Internet accounts, turn off all the apps or turn on a silent mode. At the very end of your talk (no matter what is the result of it) say «Thank you for the interview and the time spent on our conversation». It`s vital to be polite and show that you appreciate the time of the hiring manager.

2)      Control your body

As it`s video communication, HR can see and evaluate your body language. Sit straight but try to make yourself comfortable. Don`t shrug your shoulders, as it showcases your fear. Maintain eye contact with your employer, which is extremely difficult when you don`t see him/her face to face. However, this is vital as it shows your interest in the job and engagement in the conversation.

3)      Show who you are with the power of voice

It`s an example of the top skype chatting tricks to keep a smile on your face, which shows your involvement in the discussion and positive attitude to a nerve-wrecking process of interviewing (it`s always so). Maintaining a decent tone has to be among your A-list skills. It tells a lot about your mood and desire to get employed.

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These tips for skype interview will become your guiding light and a helpful tool for getting the job of your dreams.


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