The top in-demand jobs for 2019

The New 2019 Year has come to our houses. Now it’s time to strike the balance, count the statistics and set new goals. The past year has brought many surprises to us. Some of the careers have grown up, and on the contrary, demand on the others has reduced significantly. Based on these results, analytics are ready to make their predictions as for the job market development in the upcoming year. 

Thus, if you have already made your New Year resolutions and building up a successful career is one of them, we are glad to help you with our recommendations.


Hard or Soft?

Recruiters have mentioned the skills gaps multiple times during the past year. To make you more familiar with a term, it’s a lack of basic skills that employers are looking for in candidates. According to Forbes, most of the conversations about the skill gap rise around some technical jobs, such as data analytics, web-design, software engineer, etc. So be aware, currently, the real problem doesn’t consist of lack of hard skills only. The list of skills with the largest skill gap for 2018 looks like the following:

  1. Communications skills: oral and written communication, presentation and public speaking
  2. Personnel management: people management, team leadership, and supervisory skills
  3. Tools development: C++, Java, Linux
  4. Social Media Management: digital media, social media analysis, SMM strategies
  5. Business management: business development, strategic planning, market analysis
  6. Time management: organizational skills, multitasking, delegation skills
  7. Leadership: team motivation and inspiration, strategic thinking and planning
  8. Graphic design: web design, animation, Adobe Photoshop
  9. Data Science: statistics, data analysis, and forecasting
  10. Web development: HTML and CSS, JavaScript

As you may see, half of the positions of the list are soft skills, which is quite surprising. Recruiters claim the lack of specialists has all the soft skills required for successful job performance. Looks like the professionals pay more attention to the technical qualifications, becoming even overeducated in some areas, but they miss some other important factors. According to the statistics from the job search websites, the candidates who have a strong set of soft skills are hired more often than those with relevant technical competencies. This proves employers are ready to educate their workers if they have good potential and career attributes.


Most In Demand Jobs for 2019

LinkedIn has introduced the report of 2018 Emerging Jobs, which covers the statistics based on the four-year analysis of job market change. The results show that top careers in demand are the following:

  1. Software Engineer (80k+ job openings)
  2. Project Manager (42k+ job openings)
  3. Account Manager (17k+ job openings)
  4. Account Executive (16k+ job openings)
  5. Product Manager (12k+ job openings)
  6. Recruiter (8k+ job openings)
  7. Marketing Specialist (7k+ job openings)
  8. Real Estate Agent (6k+ job openings)
  9. Data Scientist (6k+ job openings)
  10. Realtor (2k+ job openings)

Such a list is resulted by the growth of the U.S economy, which is good news to the listed professionals.

Jobs of the Future 

Based on the analysis of the most emerging professions of 2018, we can predict most in demand job of this year. The overall tendency shows that the industry with the most rapid growth is AI. It doesn’t, however, means that robots capture the workplaces and crowd out human beings. But specialists who deal with artificial intelligence, develop programs and operate them have a chance to get the highest paying job this year. Choose good career options for yourself from the list of top professions of 2019. 

  • Blockchain Developer 

Cryptocurrencies invade our everyday lives at a fast pace. Therefore, if you know everything about Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum, you hit the trend. The demand on professionals has grown 33 times! And it is an absolute record this year.

  • Machine Learning Engineer 

Self-learning machines are not a wonder anymore. Do you know how to construct them? Congratulations! The demand on the specialists of your profile has increased 12 times. The highest demand is in San Francisco, Denver, and Austin. Packing your luggage already?

  • Application Sales Executive 

Sales specialists are always among top jobs. But the industry has changed. Assign to the online courses on how to sell IT products, as the demand on this profession has grown 800%.  

  • Machine Learning Specialist 

With the increase of Machine Learning Engineer positions, the demand on specialists of the same industry is also growing. It is twice lower than for the Engineer position, it is still 6 times higher compared to the past years. Good start and motivation for growth.


  • Medical Representative 

Pharmacy is one of the most demanded and constantly growing industries. Scientists invent new remedies this year, thus this profession will always be popular. During the last year, it experienced 6 times growth and it still has got potential.

  • Relationship Consultant 

Well, the 5.5 times growth of the demand for this profession is the biggest surprise of the year. However, it can be easily explained. With the growth of technologies, people have more time to pay attention to their inner world and their relationships with others. So, if you’re a good communicator and enjoy psychology, you have a real chance to help others and earn good money at the same time.

  • Data Science Specialist 

This one is becoming more and more popular this year. During the past year, the number of open positions has 5 times multiplied. And these specialists are fairly considered to build the best careers and are in the list of best-paying positions in the USA. If you have good attention to detail and mathematical mind, you have a good chance to become a data science specialist. 

  • Assurance Staff 

With the high competition on the market, companies are especially disturbed with the quality of the products and services they release; therefore, this profession is again in the list of in demand jobs. If critical thinking is among your key strengths, you have good chances to be employed as demand for this profession has increased 5 times.

  • Sales Development Representative 

Sales specialists are valuable for all the companies. This particular position has experienced 4X growth during the past year and we are sure, you’ll be able to find good offers to choose from.

  • Business Support Consultant 

This relatively new profession has also increased 4 times. But it still has lots of potential as more and more companies hire consultants to support their business. This is a good opportunity to work with top brands and be always involved in exciting challenges.

We hope that we gave you the vision of what jobs are in demand now and which of them are predicted to experience even greater increase. It’s time to fulfill the promises you gave yourself on the New Year eve. We would like to wish you high salaries, respectful bosses and interesting tasks. And we hope that all of you get promotions this year.

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The top in-demand jobs for 2019

The New 2019 Year has come to our houses. Now it’s time to strike the balance, count the statistics and set new goals. The past year has brought many surprises to us. Some of the careers have grown up, and on the contrary, demand on the others has reduced significantly. Based on these results, analytics are ready to make their predictions as for the job market development in the upcoming year. 


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