5 Ways to Find Jobs That Are Not Posted Online

Regardless of the season, industry and economic situation, there are thousands and millions of open positions on the job market open every day. You can monitor job search websites 24/7, but suddenly your friend gets the position you have never heard about at the company of your dream. Intuition? Corruption? Universal conspiracy? Maybe he knows some secret loopholes? Let’s find out!


Have You Ever Heard About the Hidden Job Market?

Job seekers are usually surprised by the fact that approximately 80% of all job openings are part of the hidden job market. In other words, recruiters don’t advertise most of the vacancies. Some of them are open to internal promotions.

At the same time, human resources departments have access to hundreds of resume that are sent for advertised vacancies, so that they can simply save money. On the one hand, most candidates are unaware of the chances they lose. On the other, unlisted jobs have lower competition and the opportunity to get a position is higher. Besides, the most interesting and well-payed jobs are unadvertised.

Searching for the job on the hidden market requires more efforts, time and skills. But it is usually paid off. Don’t know how to start? We are going to tell you about the best ways to find hidden jobs that pay well. 

How to Find Jobs That Are Not Advertised?

Make a Direct Approach

It goes without saying, that the best way to find a job is to contact the potential employer directly. Great self-introduction combined with professional resume and cover letter usually pays off. Besides, writing a letter of interest is a good way to find the firs jobs for recent graduates. Even if you don’t get a response immediately, you’re more likely to be invited for the interview on an unadvertised job. But here’re some rules you should follow:

  • Quality over quantity: sending general mail to 100 companies is a useless waste of time;
  • Research the company before you send a letter to them. Use LinkedIn to find recruiter’s name and contacts and address letter to them;
  • Customize your letter and profile to every application you make.


Attend Professional Events and Trade Fairs

Well, it is the best way for networking as employers and candidates are gathered together in the same place. Just make enough copies of you resume and prepare your business cards. These events are often advertised on social networks and special websites and are especially popular by undergraduates and recent graduates. But experienced candidates can also benefit from career fairs greatly. The more companies have your CV in their database, the more chances you receive to be the first person to know about unadvertised jobs.

Use Your Social Connections

Great communication and negotiation skills are a key point to success. Some people have perfect inborn networking and have lots of useful acquaintances. But it is not necessary to visit parties every night and try to find new friends in order to be the first person to know about unadvertised jobs open. It’s much easier than you think. First of all, tell your friends that you are looking for a job. Write a post on Facebook and Instagram mentioning your skills and experience. Most of the companies have referral programs when employees are encouraged to bring new staff members by special bonuses. That is why they would only be glad to introduce your profile to the recruiters.


Benefit from Your LinkedIn Account

According to the latest researches in the USA and Europe, more and more companies are including social media to their recruitment strategies. Most of the employment negotiations are happening on LinkedIn. Recruiters often hunt for potential employees for unadvertised jobs there. Here are some tips on how to make your account more recruiter-friendly and increase your chances to get employed.

  • Update your account with the latest experience;
  • Make a clear headline, identifying your profession;
  • Provide a strong summary that briefly describes your strengths and areas of expertise;
  • Add job descriptions mentioning your duties and achievements;
  • Use plenty of keywords;
  • Make sure your profile is understandable and easy to read.

You can also find professional groups – there’re plenty of them on LinkedIn. Connect to the recruiters and other professionals, so that they can contact you in case of any unadvertised job openings. 

You can also use Twitter and Facebook for these purposes. Although they are less specialized for job search, managers often make posts and twits they are looking for a team member. Besides, you can contact them directly and ask if they have any opportunities for you. Most of them would not respond, however, some will appreciate your interest and provide you with information on non-advertised jobs.

Keep In Touch With Innovative Technologies

The technological world runs fast nowadays. Most of the Internet users don’t know all of the tools and opportunities it can suggest. For example, you can set up the Google Alerts for your account in order to receive notifications on recent openings, professional events, new companies in your industry, etc. All you have to do is to find correct keywords and add them to the profile.

Keep calm and patient and don’t forget to react for regular vacancies while trying to find an unadvertised job at your dream company.

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