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AI Resume Generator
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Smart resume review
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Cover Letter Generator
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How AI Online Resume Builder Works?

  1. Enter your prefered job title
  2. Take a brief 5 min questionnaire to describe your experience
  3. Identify strengths and skills that suit you best by using smart data sourcing and natural language
  4. Let Skillroads’ AI Robo write your professional resume!

How Smart Resume Check Works?

  1. Just upload your resume
  2. Let technology analyze, score, search for keywords, scan resume sections and outlines
  3. Unlock access to career services and check chances to get a job
  4. Check if your resume needs to be fixed and move ahead

How AI Cover Letter Builder Works?

  1. Enter your resume details
  2. Let AI Robo analyze your resume and select proper key competences to be highlighted
  3. Wait a while till AI Robo creates your Cover Letter
  4. Enjoy a Cover letter as an alternative to express employment professionals

How Fortune 500 job opportunity Works?

  1. Explore job opening from Fortune 500 companies
  2. Get accurate results and let us show positions that match your skills, experience and education
  3. Go through job application process smoothly
  4. Enhance your experience and go for further career development
I find this free career builder awesome. It does a lot of things, makes a good match for a job, finds skills and knowledge missing according to my background and desired position. It gives you full access to all career services like resume generation, personalized cover letter writing based on your profile information and it connects potential candidates to the best job offer. I`ve been working as Sales Manager for 2 years, and honestly, I never paid attention to my resume and how to grow my career. However, when I started looking for a new opportunity I found this Career Builder. I went through the whole process of job application from resume to job search, interview help and career development plan. Now I know what I need to study to grow my career, how to achieve goals and, if needed, how to edit a resume once again to pass ATS.
Mathew Vallo Sales Manager
Once, I had to update my resume as soon as possible, since I was offered an outstanding high-paid job. That’s crazy, the last time I made a resume was 8 years ago. I needed to polish my resume, highlight specific skills that were required most, and to check if the whole paper was mistakes-free and organized properly for an executive position. I had only 12 hours to send my application and a career advisor couldn’t review a resume on time. So the moment I came across Smart Resume Review I felt blessed. I got fast feedback about my resume and AI created a cover letter for me. I just had to edit my resume a little and make a cover letter be addressed to a certain HR department. Well, now I must say, my new position is definitely worth that efforts!
Francisco Jackson Construction Engineer
As a fresh grad I was about to enter a job market . Obviously, I lost my bearings. I had poor idea of what needs to be done, how to conduct my resume with basically no practical experience in a desired work-field, how to get a job and craved profound career guidance. Moreover, I also needed some help in finding a job that could suit my skills and would be challenging enough for a junior job-seeker. Skillroads career advisor is a good kick-start of my career. I found here all necessary info including articles, guides, resume samples, interview help and a list of job openings that suited my knowledge most. Resume conducted by AI builder also worked well and it landed me a job in two-weeks period.
Olia Jacky Roady Nurse Assistant
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Free Resume Checker

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Hi there, I am looking for an employment opportunity with your AI Career Service. Is there anything u can help me with?
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Sure, you can try AI Resume builder or use our career services that will help you to climb to the top heights of a career ladder.
Wow, sounds interesting, what do I have to do then? Tell me a bit more about it.
AI Robo
My pleasure, so you can get personalized job offers matched with your skills and get interview help based on a personal development plan or check more.
Sounds exactly what I`m looking for, thanks a lot! Could you tell me more about this opportunities?
AI Robo
Absolutely, I`m here to make the best of your knowledge and experience helping you to get the job you have always wanted.
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