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This online cover letter creator has exceeded all my expectations. I am a senior at university and I had a desire to launch my career in management. When I was job searching I was told that a good professional letter was a must for me. But I had no idea how to organize it, so I felt blessed when I found Skillroads cover letter builder. It took me only 15 minutes to register and complete the questionnaire. My cover letter was ready within minutes. I got a well-organized cover letter and it was tailored specifically for the position I was applying for.

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Two month ago I lost my job. Therefore I was supposed to find a new one as soon as possible. I have created a good resume but I’ve struggled a lot with cover letter writing. I felt stuck, so I realized that I needed help. This easy cover letter creator has saved my time and as a result, I was satisfied with my cover letter. I have submitted my application and in two weeks I was invited for an interview. Now I work for this company and I must say that Skillroads makes dream come true.

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I think this online cover letter builder is fantastic. I had a strong desire to climb the ladder and take the next step in my career. Despite the fact that I was already employed in a company, I was obliged to submit my application (resume and cover letter) as a regular candidate. I am good at many things, but writing is not of them. Cover letter builder significantly facilitated me this process. My boss was impressed and he offered me a promotion without hesitations.

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Some people think that a cover letter is very old-fashioned and no one reads it. But in fact, this is a powerful tool that can enhance your job application. Thus, it is of paramount importance to create a professional cover letter. However, it is a really daunting task and not all job hunters can manage to write a strong cover letter according to all requirements. Try our cover letter builder for resume to submit your job application and you will see that success can be easy. You will get a compelling cover letter created specially for you that will set you apart from other candidates. Don’t miss the excellent opportunity to impress recruiters and get a career you want.

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