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In addition to a professional cover letter you will get:

  • Personalized resume optimized for the position
  • Well-organized and modern resume design
  • A keywords-rich document
  • ATS-friendly resume format

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In addition to a resume and strong cover letter you will get:

  • Professional LinkedIn profile to skyrocket your career
  • Career summary that attracts recruiters
  • Emphasis on your top skills and achievements
  • Professional brand image development

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It was my pleasure to collaborate with Skillroads’ professional cover letter writer. I loved the way application documents were written and structured. Quite glad I have found this cover letter service. You managed to enhance my profile for job search significantly.

Emmy Hollis, Marketing Manager

I’ve never created a cover letter for a job before, so I decided to turn for some professional help to get it done correctly. You exceeded all my expectations as my cover letter was impeccable. All skills and relevant experience highlighted. You made me look like a perfect match for a job I wanted.

Kiah Gomez, PR Assistant

I needed a perfect cover letter to apply for my first job after graduation. I wanted recruiters to notice me that’s why I decided to send a custom cover letter as well. Thanks, guys, for such timely and fast help. My cover letter was very inspiring and it helped me get hired.

Jerry Sloan, Junior QA Tester

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Q&A About Cover Letter Writing Services

Do Cover Letters Still Matter?

Professional cover letters are required in case you want to get noticed by recruiters. 86% of employers state that cover letter plays a role when reviewing a job application. 45% of job seekers get rejected as they didn’t include a cover letter in their application.

As you can see, a cover letter is an important document that will increase your chances of getting hired for a dream job as it tells a more detailed captivating career story that can set you apart.

Does Your Cover Letter Make the Right Impression?

Writing a cover letter for a resume that creates a positive impression is not easy, but we will help you with this daunting task. By highlighting your best skills and achievements, we will show you are a perfect match for the opening.

Why Do You Need a Customized Cover Letter for Job Application?

Writing a strong cover letter tailored specifically for each job application will demonstrate your particular interest in a specific job, and chances are high you will get invited for an interview. This type of document is a great personalized way to introduce yourself, demonstrate your value and tell more about your skills you will bring to the table and inconvenient solutions that will satisfy the recruiter’s needs.

What to Include in a Cover Letter?

A perfect cover letter includes a professional greeting with your contact detail information. Write a catchy first line that will grab attention and will be customized for each job opening you apply. In a body of the text, it’s important to showcase what value you can bring to your future employer.

Professional cover letter writing involves adding only the best relevant to a dream job experience as well as skills and accomplishments relevant to a recruiter organized in an engaging story to attract employers. Close your cover letter with a call to action, so the recruiter knows what you expect next from them.

Are There Any Free Revision Options?

Yes. Our resume and cover letter writing service offers three free revision options in case you fill your cover letter needs improvements. Leave your comments, and a writer will enhance it.

Why Do You Need a Cover Letter Writing Service?

Searching for a job is always a tough journey, and creating a resume is usually the first step to it. Though writing a resume is the most crucial part, one has to understand that it shouldn’t consist solely of a list of your biography. Besides that, the employee also has to take care of a cover letter and preferably a LinkedIn profile. Writing a cover letter may be seen as only an addition to the resume, but neglecting it - is definitely not a good choice.

The Advantages of a Good Cover Letter

To increase the chances of successfully obtaining the desired position, writing a good cover letter is just essential. Unlike the resume, the main aim of a cover letter is to uncover the employee’s personality and concentrate attention on individual qualities rather than dry facts. A sound cover letter will definitely benefit, deepening the whole resume, showing your reliability, and thoroughly describing your working achievements.

On the other hand, a mediocre one or its absence may only show your incompetence, especially while applying for high positions. In any case, in the eyes of recruiters, a decent cover letter can become a distinctive feature of an employee.

Of course, compiling a cover letter is not an easy task, especially if you aim to create a rewarding one, which will prove its utility. Successful cover letters usually follow three basic aims:

  • Attracting employer’s attention.
  • Proving employee’s capability.
  • Inviting employers to contact.

Despite the aims of a cover letter are common and pretty obvious, composing it in a monolith, eye-catching form requires experience and knowledge. Fortunately for people that don’t have the required experience or are just uncertain about the quality of their cover letter, it’s always possible to get some extra help from us at Skillroads.

Cover Letter Writing Service

As a matter of fact, a cover letter is a comparatively small document that perfectly fits one page. However, that page has to include an enormous amount of information that should be compiled in a readable form, emphasizing your professionalism. First of all, it starts with indicating employee’s contacts.

To highlight your cover letter among many others, the introduction should be eye-catching and interesting enough to make it memorable. Then comes the main part, where the employee describes his experience, personal qualities, achievements, and goals, which serve as proof of competence. And the finishing part is a sweet closing, which has to encourage the employer for further cooperation.

Frankly speaking, not everyone is able to make it, especially without having any similar experience before. That’s why some people prefer to get some cover letter writing help from special services. It is quite a sensible decision to entrust this task to professionals, namely cover letter writers.

Can You Write a Cover Letter For Me?

If you have a similar question on your mind, then the answer is definitely - yes! If you need any help writing a cover letter for a job, we can always offer a decent solution for a reasonable price. On top of that, at Skillroads we provide all the necessary services that relate to resume creation, cover letter writing, and editing a LinkedIn profile. To purchase a service package and receive your cover letter help, you have to create a personal account, which requires only your name and email.

Afterward, you will be able to share your thoughts about the dream job, personal experience, and skills with our cover letter writers. Then, our qualified writers will compose the most compelling cover letter and you will be able to download it right from the website. With a perfectly tailored cover letter, your resume will become more wholesome, showing professionalism and highlighting your strong qualities, which can significantly increase your chances of getting the desired job.

The Reasons to Choose Our Cover Letter Service

To satisfy our customers and provide the best possible service we offer a team of professional cover letter writers with years of experience behind the backs. With the help of special personalized service, they are able to achieve the most suitable result for our clients. On top of that, Skillroads provides customers with 30 days of free revisions options to improve the cover letter even more. And last, but not least, our support team is ready to help you at any time 24/7.