Senior Front-end developer resume sample

Mary Ann
Senior Front-end developer
  • [email protected]
  • 1111-1111-1111
  • Skype: mary.ann.wilson
  • United States, Brooklyn, NY
  • 8th Street West, 14, Ap. #2
Professional Summary
Highly skilled experienced seeking a fulltime as a Senior Front-end developer. My years of experience and industry knowledge have prepared me for new opportunities where I can utilize my skills as well as my proficiency in JavaScript and" proven web application optimization experience. I possess a wide range of industry knowledge and now I am ready to take the next step in my career.
  • proficiency in JavaScript
  • proven web application optimization experience
  • deep knowledge of web libraries and frameworks
  • understanding of layout aesthetics
  • knowledge of Mysql and other databases
  • knowledge of GIT or other source control system
Professional Experience
JS Developer — Web cucumbers
01/2012 — 02/2015

Junior JS Developer — XYZ LTD
03/2009 — 03/2012

Technical skills
ECMAScript •••••••••
LESS ••••••••••
AJAX ••••••••••
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