Teacher of English language resume sample

Mary Ann
Teacher of English language
  • maryann.wilson@gmail.com
  • 1111-1111-1111
  • Skype: mary.ann.wilson
  • United States, Brooklyn, NY
  • 8th Street West, 14, Ap. #2
Professional Summary
Having recently entered the workforce, I understand that I will need to prove myself as a Teacher of English language. Currently I am looking for a fulltime young professional position as a Teacher of English language. However, I possess the necessary know peculiarities of cognitive development of learners and" First Aid skills skills to properly perform my duties. My good communicator and" artistic skills further add to my qualifications.
  • good communicator
  • artistic
  • well-read
  • multitasking
  • inspiring
  • energetic
  • time-management skills
  • meticulous
  • result-oriented
Professional Experience
Teacher of English language — John Marshall High School
11/2010 — 12/2016
• Manage working area for the safety of every student, making sure that everything works well.
• Assist learners with finding the most approppriate way to solve a problem, which arose between members of a group.
• Write reviews of prepared tasks of every pupil, explaining weak and strong points of work.
• Can promote positive behavior and change in the classroom.
• Deal with different students, while promoting healthy relationships between members of a certain group and in treacher-student interference.
• Keep records of students` progress, attendance, mark problems.
• Modify assignments and activities to meet the learning needs of every student.
Elementary School Teacher — South Lake Elementary
03/2006 — 10/2010
• Distinguish all the stages of child development and correct lesson plans according to this data.
• Know the rules of giving first medical help to children and be ready to use these skills in practice.
• Set meetings with administration to discuss current progress and difficulties which arise in the process of studying.
• Conduct novel lessons, taking into account latst trends in teaching methodology.
• Design lessons and plan class demonstrations.
• Inspire scholars to do their best.
• Offer trip opportunities to pupils and their parents, arrange other educational events.

Education — Oklahoma City University — Bachelor of Arts
09/2004 — 07/2008
Technical skills
MS Office ••••••••••
Work with images ••••••••••
Smart board ••••••••••
Grammarly ••••••••••
ZOHO ••••••••••
Video materials ••••••••••
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