Administrative Assistant resume sample

Mary Ann
Administrative Assistant
  • [email protected]
  • 1111-1111-1111
  • Skype: mary.ann.wilson
  • United States, Brooklyn, NY
  • 8th Street West, 14, Ap. #2
Professional Summary
Recent graduate looking for that first big opportunity. I would like an student position as a Administrative Assistant. I possess a number of valuable skills such as knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint, Mail, Outlook. To complement these skills I also have ability to work independently and creative and problem solving skills. I am looking for an exciting opportunity where I can showcase all of my skills and grow professionally.
  • ability to work independently
  • creative
  • problem solving
  • written communication skills
Professional Experience
Portfolio Administrator — aaaa
01/2015 — 02/2016

Technical skills
Microsoft PowerPoint Beginner
Mail •••••••••
Outlook •••••••••
BT Conferencing •••••••••
SAP •••••••••
Microsoft Word •••••••••
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