Personal Assistant resume sample

Mary Ann
Personal Assistant
  • [email protected]
  • 1111-1111-1111
  • Skype: mary.ann.wilson
  • United States, Brooklyn, NY
  • 8th Street West, 14, Ap. #2
Professional Summary
I have just recently entered the workforce. I am in search of a fulltime position as a Personal Assistant. I offer a wide range of skills such as coordination and" data entry skills. During my studies I honed my active listener and" alertness skills which I am looking to apply as a Personal Assistant. I am confident that I will be an asset to any company that gives me an opportunity to prove myself.
  • active listener
  • alertness
  • analytical thinker
  • enthusiasm
  • multitasking
  • attentive to details
  • initiative
  • innovative
  • sociable
  • opened
  • accept feedback
Professional Experience
Office Assistant — Atlanta, Georgia
04/2013 — 09/2017
• Coordinate ofice activities and functions
• Perform complete and accurate typing and data entry applicable to records tracking and management
• Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.
• Ensure proper office etiquette rules are ashered to by employees
• Able to hear a variety of problems, and solve them using critical thinking.
• Work in the front office taking care of tasks such as answering phone calls and greeting patients as they enter the facility
• Perform general duties as instructed by management

Management — Atlanta Metropolitan State College — Bachelor of Science
08/2012 — 08/2016
Technical skills
Microsoft Word ••••••••••
Microsoft Excel ••••••••••
Microsoft PowerPoint ••••••••••
Spanish language B1
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