Daenerys Targaryen's Resume: A Strong Woman in the Man's World

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  • Daenerys Targaryen's Resume: A Strong Woman in the Man's World

Westeros is a cruel place, filled with violence, hate, and betrayal. To live there, you have to be equally vigorous and tough. This is the exact reason why this fantastically unfantastical fantasy world is abundant with strong characters, such as Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, and so on. They are strong-willed, strong-hearted, and absolutely devoted to their own little missions. Well, could it be otherwise? From the Cercei’s words, “At the game of thrones, you either die or you win”

To succeed in this “game”, you have to have a strong background of lucrative endeavors. I’m guessing, the realities of the fantasy world could be related back to our world. Our world of job-hunting that is.

Don’t believe me? Just read on.

Let’s take up as our example the race to become the King/Queen of Westeros and rule all of the Seven Kingdoms. Is it so different from our own competitive little world? And how we strive to outdo everyone else in the pursuit of a prestigious job?

Not at all, I say. To fill a royal role in Westeros you have to possess certain skills and competencies, just like any job in our world. If we were to transfer one of the most progressive and strong characters in our world, their resume would look like this.


With such a resume, Daenerys is sure to absolutely crush her competition and get the executive position. In this game, you either get hired or you die.