Gain an edge over other jobseekers using top-notch cover letter writing tips

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Are you job searching or looking for a career change but dread writing a cover letter? At one stage in your life, you’ll need to come up with at least a simple cover letter. Without proper skills to write a perfect cover letter and no access to our reputable cover letter maker, anxiety and stress are inevitable.

Will anyone read my cover letter? There is a common misconception among job seekers that cover letters are not often read. The truth is, most recruitment managers regard this as the most vital component of your job application. A cover letter goes further than the resume by giving you a chance to tell your potential employer why they should hire you and why you stand out from the crowd.

Need to write a superb cover letter? Below are vital tips to help you come up with a kick-ass cover letter.


Write an Excellent Cover Letter Heading

“How to address a cover letter” is a common search term on the internet. Many job seekers break a sweat when it comes to writing a proper heading for their cover letters. From years of interactions with professional cover letters - as a writer and editor, I have come across the good, the bad, and the ugly of cover letters. However, I’m not here to divulge such details, but to help you come up with an excellent heading. The following are vital features of your cover letter header:

  • An address

Make sure that your cover letter has both your contact information and that of your potential employer. In your contact information, provide your name, phone number, email, and mailing address.

On the other hand, include the name of your addressee, their title and company address in the employer’s contact information.

  • Date 

Below the last line of your address, write the full date (month, day, year). Skip a line after your date to and write your potential employer’s contact information.

  • A salutation

Be sure to provide a proper greeting to the person you are writing to. Avoid non-specific salutations such as “To Whom It May Concern.” It bores the life out of the reader. Instead, start the salutation of your letter with Mr./Ms./Dr. followed by the last name of the addressee.

If you don’t know your employer by name, address them as ‘Dear Hiring Manager.”

Use A Suitable Cover Letter Structure and Language 

There is no universally agreed structure of writing a cover letter. Your goal is to make an employer interested in hiring you with no hesitation. Therefore, you need an intelligible and coherent cover letter. 

Be mindful of the tone of your letter too. You don’t want to thank the hiring manager too much- for merely reading your letter; it’s their darn job! This exuberant outpour of gratitude will only make you come off as a desperate person and get your application thrown out the window as soon as it arrives.


Make Sure Your Cover Letter Opening Is Appealing

Starting a cover letter with long mediocre sentences will get your application thrown out. Make sure that the opening paragraph of your application letter is short and precise. Tell your potential employer why you are contacting them, and speak of how you got to know about the company; whether through a referral or advertisement. 

Your opening sentence should capture your potential employer right from the start and keep him/her interested throughout. Don’t remind them that they’re reading a letter by writing sentences such as, “I am writing to do this and that,” rather sell yourself from the first word. You could say, “Sales at company Z increased yearly during my 3-year tenure there.”

Have The Appropriate Cover Letter Length

How long should a cover letter be? I can tell unwaveringly that no one wants an extremely short or an incredibly long cover letter. Confusing right? Not really. Finding a perfect balance between the two will help your letter stand out. 

However, your cover letter should not be longer than a page.

Write A Short and Sweet Cover Letter

Often, this does the trick for most job seekers. Just ensure that you get your point across using easy to understand language and fascinating facts that will make an employer interested.

How to End a Cover Letter Effectively 

Here is where you remind your potential employer about your skills, qualifications, and knowledge. Show how these attributes make you the ideal candidate for the position.

Tell the hiring manager that should they call you for an interview, you would be much interested in discussing issues regarding the job.

End by showing gratitude to the employer for considering your application. Sign off with ‘Yours sincerely’ (if you know the employer’s name), or ‘Yours faithfully’ (if you don’t), followed by the signature and your name.

Just follow these simple tips and end up with your dream job offer.

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