How to Write a Resume with Presentations

Every resume ppt presentation is your opportunity to make an impression. You can either use your pitch to build credibility and engagement (in the employer’s eyes) or blow the chance to share your career story in an attractive, memorable, and selling way. Both your content and visual component matter. They must be visually harmonized to capture your audience’s attention in the first seconds. Otherwise, you’ll miss the momentum you need to get them on board and stay there. 

  • Presentation opening is your promise to your viewers.
  • First slides matter, and it is always better to send such an important task to presentation design services that create expertly-designed presentations tailored to your specific needs.
  • A great introduction promises the audience that this resume presentation is likely to be engaging, innovative, and informative. 
  • Attached cases of your work (e.g., articles, icons, images, landing pages) matter and increase the probability of being noticed.

It might be frustrating to make a cool presentation but with weak first slides so that only a few Recruitment managers continue reviewing it. 

How to Make Resume PPT Presentation from a Document Word

A PowerPoint resume should not be a copy of the text resume but represent it. Besides, it should include a link to your portfolio or best works to represent your real skills or style. If the person gets interested, they will proceed with the detailed copy of the customary Word Document. So, to recreate your text file into an attractive ppt resume, you need to check with the following points:

  • Attach LinkedIn link.
  • Really tell about yourself :) 
  • Include the right keywords.
  • Include measurable results in bullet points, charts, or diagrams.
  • Comply with the right length.
  • Attack link to portfolio/Google Drive.
  • Insert screenshots e.g. of your websites, app design.
  • Attach a link to the text version.

If you do everything correctly, the PowerPoint resume is a great chance to demonstrate your talent and general approach to important things.

How to Include Presentations on Resume

If you have created presentations on your previous job, and this skill is connected with the current vacancy you are applying for, make sure to include it. It will demonstrate your style, proficiency, and expertise. Do not forget to list the task and results achieved. Apart from the resume, you can include any results of your work that, in your mind, should be reviewed. A resume might be weak, but the employer will fall in love with the way you combine colors.

How to List Poster Presentation on Resume

A poster presentation is a great way to present your resume in concise but interactive form, which people remember longer. A poster should be accompanied by a brief explanation of 1-2 minutes. The poster must convey the main message and control the audience’s attention and focus point. The best way is to contact a professional person or service who knows how to prevent the chaos of text, icons, and images.

4 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Slides

If you showcase yourself as a person who spends time making resume presentations, you will look like an efficient, careful, and thoughtful employee in the employer’s eyes. Consider the next tips to improve your resume presentation in PowerPoint.

1. Do not create complicated and intimidating slides.

Slides are there to help you deliver your message. They are not for your extended bio but for the audience to get acquainted with you partially and have some first POSITIVE impression. Give the right amount of information in the order HR specialists need to understand it. You should not bet on this format and create a Word document as well. 

2. Citing presentations in resume.

If you want to include academic articles or other related publications, make sure you cite them in APA format (use one of the multiple online tools). Respect the works of other people and show your potential employer that you are a conscientious and diligent person.

3. Be careful with acronyms.

If you are applying for a technical position, avoid abbreviations. Not every talent acquisition specialist knows all technical terms in the customary form, let alone shortened one. It is good for you to know these terms but keep this knowledge till an interview with a project manager or head of development/operations/architecture. 

4. Do you need your name on every slide?

Some applicants might suppose they increase their chances by putting names and surnames on each slide. But does it bring added value? On the one hand, it makes people memorize your name. On the other hand, it looks too excessive and repulsive. Balance is important: it is enough to put it on the first and last pages. If you still worry that people might not remember you, create a light watermark in the footer.

The last tip (but not least) PRO tip – start as you mean to go on. If you have a powerful resume with successful projects and the most relevant experience, make sure you have the first slides of the same power and attraction. Hire professional pitch deck services at best not to get a rejection at worst. Devote this free time to sleepy nights, less anxiety, and rest before the interview. Good luck!