7 Ways to Get Hired at Facebook

Nothing is impossible. It is true even if we are talking about getting hired at social media giant Facebook. In fact, it is considered as the best place to work for as it is number one tech company on Glassdoor and it is expected to be among the 2018 best places to work. Keep reading this career guidance, if you are interested in careers at Facebook and want to discover secrets that will show you how to get an interview and help you stand out and land a job in a dream company.

Dreams about working at Facebook are not a surprise and the majority of young people want to get hired. Working here is challenging but so fascinating. In addition, company offers career advancement, positive culture, working environment and the best Silicon Valley perks such as free food, housing, transportation, bedroom and bathroom at workplace. In addition, you can be your own boss. At Facebook, employees have minimal supervision and your hours are flexible. But in return for such a freedom, you will be expected to do a great job.

Facebook job opportunities are immense. Moreover, there are plenty of Facebook internships.  Interns at Facebook can make $8,000 per month; respectively they will get $96,000 per one year of internship. It is worth noting that an average salary of a full-time employee in the USA is $51,350 per year or $4, 280 per month. But the main question is how to get social media job there? 2017 is the best year to land a job at Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is highly interested in recruiting top talents exactly in 2017. Each year thousands of candidates apply for jobs at Facebook, so be ready to encounter a very competitive hiring process. If you implement following strategies you will increase your chances to succeed and get through this daunting Facebook hiring process.

How to get a job at Facebook?

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Mark Zuckerberg shared Facebook main goal. It is to make this world more connected, to bring people closer together, build a global community and develop the social infrastructure. Therefore, he emphasizes on hiring people with shared vision. So, you should understand that values of a perfect candidate should align with values of this company. If you are decisive with your desire to conquer this gigantic company, consider following strategies in order to achieve the best possible results:

1.      Take the first step

There are few ways to take your first step on your career path at Facebook. You can apply online or a friend can recommend you. If you are a professional with an outstanding LinkedIn profile, chances are recruiters find you online. Students can seize perfect internship opportunities.

2.      Take care of application documents

Before submitting your Facebook job application, take care of your resume and accompanying documents. It is the most crucial part of the recruitment process because it is your only chance to impress Facebook recruiters and get selected for the first candidate interviewing stage. Respectively, pay extra attention to how your resume is written and organized and what information is included. Make sure you have used appropriate resume format, fonts and included all necessary section and essential dates. But most importantly, emphasize that you are learner and builder because these are exactly the core values of this company. Show your desire to become a better professional, desire to discover and learn new things all the time. Highlight your main career achievements and explain how you have mastered new knowledge and skills and how you can use it on your future position. If you are a student and you lack experience, you have to provide all the detailed examples from your school or work in order to show that you are competitive enough. Don’t freak out if you don’t receive a reply on the same week; most applicants pointed out this process took out up to 3 weeks.

3.      What’s next

If you are the lucky one to pass some basic hurdles and to get selected for an interview, you should read the following.

Whether you want to become a Facebook intern or a regular employee, you will have to pass the whole complex Facebook interview process. It is complex, as some employees can even pass through 17 interviewing stages before landing a job.

The first stage, a phone screen interview, is usually 45 minutes talk with a recruiter. You will be asked lots of different questions concerning your area of expertise and interest, skills and your main motivation to work in the company. In addition, a candidate will be asked to solve some coding exercise through a link sent by a hiring manager. Recruiters may ask you different kinds of tough questions and hard conversations. Facebook interviews’ are known by this step.

Software engineer at Facebook reminisce about his interview:  “Phone interview starting with introducing yourself followed by two code questions. The first coding question is very standard coding question and the second one is a little more related to Facebook's certain functionality”.

Then you will have to pass through multiple in-person interview rounds where you will be asked to write code on a whiteboard also technical interview include coding, system design, and algorithms.

Recruiters will assess your ability to understand and solve some complex problems. They are looking for a person that will be able to work on multiple tasks effectively and quickly. Don’t be afraid of communicating and engaging with your interviewers during the conversation and bringing something new to the table. Facebook will appreciate brave candidates.

4.      Research

Facebook algorithms photo

Getting Facebook jobs is a daunting task, so before the interview, you should do a lot of homework. Do research as much information about Facebook and your desired position as possible. Being thoroughly prepared before an interview is imperative. Facebook is a public company so there will be no difficulties with finding the latest news and info about the company. Take your time and read all Facebook’s call transcripts and earnings articles. Most applicants don’t even bother to do this, but believe, they will definitely come in handy during the interviewing process. You will see what is important for Facebook in this instance and you will be able to answer related tricky questions.

5.      Preparation is your key

Now it will be extremely beneficial to check out phone screening interview questions and the most common in-person interview question in order to sparkle during the real one. Think of your answers in advance. You can even role pay the forthcoming interview with your close friends or family members. It will boost your confidence and like this, you will be more certain during the face-to-face meeting. On an in-personal or Skype interview, there might be more one interviewer, where the one will focus on technical questions, while the other on philosophy.

6.      During the interview

 Prepare yourself mentally. The interview will be hard, but you will manage to impress recruiters. For technical position, you will be required to code on a whiteboard. You should know that it will be beneficial to perfectly know some basic computer science facts and fundamental algorithms instead of memorizing innumerous. Don’t be afraid to think out loud during this process. Speak to recruiters of how you get to a solution. They will appreciate it.

In addition, you will be asked some tricky question in order to see the way person thinks. The truth is, there is no list of some pesky questions, but be ready to solve some challenging situations.

Throughout the whole interviewing process try to be relaxed and smiling. Don’t forget to watch your body language as it can tell recruiters much more than you actually say.

7.      Positive attitude

Facebook values not only your technical skills but also motivation and enthusiasm about working for them. Recruiters value your mindset even more than your experience.

One of the current employees said during the interview that she wanted to help Facebook in achieving common goals and she would be happy to work hard toward these objectives. And, of course, she got a job.

You will never achieve success until you are confident in your own forces. If you believe in yourself, you are already on your halfway to success. Channel all your efforts and energy in order to demonstrate your passion, willingness to work hard and prove that you are the best fit for the position. A positive attitude is the crucial factor for interview outcome.

As you can see, there are some strategies that will help you to stand out from the crowd of other applicants and get hired at Facebook. Believe in yourself and start your own path to success. Good luck!

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