Powerful Strategies to Handle Multiple Job Offers

While we count on all our luck to get a single job offer, some employment seekers are luckier. They manage to land two job offers or even more from a single round of application. There have also been cases of people who got a better job offer after accepting another. That said, if you are one of these fortunate applicants, this new situation can undoubtedly be many things at once; perplexing, overwhelming, and frustrating to some extent. 

To ensure that you handle multiple job offers like a pro, below we have prepared a detailed guide. You will learn how to assess each offer, how to tell the recruiter about your predicament, and how to do away with the positions that you are not interested in filling. 


Weighing Different Job Offers

What to do when you have multiple job offers? The most important thing to do when in this situation is to weigh your offers. You can even contemplate asking for time to consider a job offer. If they agree to your request, proceed to evaluate the roles against each other. 

The entire process must be meticulous. Begin by gathering in-depth information on the employers, paying keen attention to essential aspects of employment - salaries, work duties, flexibility, perks, and location. If there are other things you look out for in a company, for example, a company's strategies for combating workplace harassment, be sure to research on them. This way, you will manage to evaluate the potential recruiters more effectively. An excellent question you might ask here is; which organization stands out? Your response is probably the best bet. 

Alternatively, you can think about your career objectives. Some questions to guide you on this issue include; what do you want to do in the present and future? Is there an organization that can enable me to meet my objectives more than the other? 

Whenever you realize that you have fewer answers, contact the workers of an organization or even the employer. They will help you find the right responses that assist in choosing between two jobs. 

Lastly, you can tap into your instincts if you have trouble deciding between two job offers. If you are more inclined to employer A and feel unsure about B, follow your gut and work with employer A. 


Discussing Multiple Job Offers with Employers

Should you tell that you have been offered other opportunities? It is a delicate matter. 

Nonetheless, there are two instances when you should really tell the recruiter about other offers. The first case is if the organization that you want to be employed in has not made its offer yet. So, by communicating this information, you'll push the employer to decide on hiring you. 

The second instance you can reveal other offers to a recruiter is during remuneration and perks negotiation. If another employer has provided better perks and salary, you can ask the organization you are discussing with to beat or get level with the other's provisions. 

Note, these strategies can easily offend a potential employer. To avoid this, ensure that you are humble and tactical when revealing this information.

Negotiating the Pay 

Before you can negotiate your remuneration, you have to know your net worth. You can use Glassdoor's tool for this, and after you get an idea of your worth, you can weight it against the salary being offered for a specific role. Apart from your pay, be sure to negotiate additional benefits, for example, holidays, part-time off, bonuses, and so forth. 

For success in salary negotiation, be sure to rehearse your suggestions several times before the actual deliberation. Moreover, work on your negotiation skills. By doing these things, you will exude confidence. 


Declining a Job Offer

It is a given you cannot take all the offers. So, how do you go about choosing between job offers? Many people decline offers over email. However, you can go further than that by calling the employer. This way, you will avoid any issues that arise from email or other forms of written communication. It also shows that you are respectful to the company, and you appreciate that it took the time and resources to screen you. All said, try to learn more about turning down an offer gracefully before doing anything in this regard. 

You might not want to go into details as to why you rejected an offer. Regardless, it's essential to appreciate that doing so can help an organization improve on various issues in the future, thus, ensuring a more productive and friendly hiring process. 

The Final Decision is the One That Matters

To finalize, make sure that you choose between two jobs after giving everything serious thought. It is why we suggest that you request for more time if you feel that you cannot decide within the provided timeline. Consider the salary, benefits, and work environment of all organizations that have provided job offers to you. And most importantly, be sure to factor in your objectives when assessing several jobs offers. Good luck!

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