Top 100 Jobs to Look for in 2020

While there is no consensus on the best occupations to pursue, many people contend that good jobs have the following characteristics in common: a satisfying remuneration, challenging environment, work-life balance, compatibility with knowledge and capabilities, and opportunities for career development. We’ve used these considerations, among others, to create a list of the best careers today.

Software developers, statisticians, physician assistants, and dentists are some of the best professions to mentioned in this ranking. You can also check out the list of the best jobs in 2019 from earlier this year.

That said, in this article, we are going to provide you with a list of careers that will cut across the board in terms of pay and other job ranking criteria in 2020.


The 100 Best and Highest Paying Jobs

Below are 100 different career options with excellent salaries. Explore them and pick the best one for your skillset.

Software Developer

Software developers are the experts that invent the techs we use.

Projected positions: 250,000+

Average salary: USD 101,790


They analyze data to help in decision-making.

Projected positions: 12,000+

Average salary: USD 84,060

Physician Assistant

They work alongside doctors, testing, and caring for patients.

Projected positions: 35,000+

Average salary: USD 104,860


They offer dental healthcare to patients.

Projected positions: 25,000+

Average salary: USD 151,440

Nurse Anesthetist

They are advanced nurses whose work is to administer anesthetics to patients and monitor their vitals.

Projected positions: 6,500+

Average salary: USD 165,120


These are teeth and jaw experts that help in improving the general appearance of these regions.

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000

Nurse Practitioner

They are specialized experts who help physicians in everyday operations.

Projected positions: 56,000+

Average salary: USD 103,880


They offer medical care to children.

Projected positions: 4,500+

Average salary: USD 172,650

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

They offer an array of services related to childbirth and reproductive wellbeing.

Projected positions: 3,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

These are medical experts who have specialized in the mouth, teeth, jaw, and gum region.

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000


They offer preventive as well as medical care to people.

Projected positions: 7,000+

Average salary: USD 192,930


They enhance the look of our teeth and can replace those that are damaged.

Projected positions: 200+

Average salary: USD 185,150

Occupational Therapist

They assist sick, injured, or disabled people with their daily activities.

Projected positions: 30,000+

Average salary: USD 83,200


They administer drugs to patients to make them numb during operations.

Projected positions: 5,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000


They operate on patients to cure disease or restore health.

Projected positions: 6,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000


Nurse Midwife

They provide an array of services to pregnant women and mothers.

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 100,590


These are math experts who help in addressing various math problems.

Projected positions: 900+

Average salary: USD 103,010


They create maps on paper.

Projected positions: 2,400+

Average salary: USD 63,990

Registered Nurse

They help doctors in everyday procedures.

Projected positions: 438,000+

Average salary: USD 70,000

Physical Therapist

They develop treatment plans to help patients improve their mobility while minimizing pain.

Projected positions: 67,000+

Average salary: USD 86,850

Clinical Lab Technician

They conduct tests on patients helping in the diagnosis of ailments.

Projected positions: 22,000+

Average salary: USD 51,770


They are medical experts who have specialized in feet. 

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 127,740

Speech-Language Pathologist

They diagnose and offer treatment for various speech problems.

Projected positions: 25,000+

Average salary: USD 76,610


They offer financial services to people in need of them (managers, private business owners, etc.).

Projected positions: 135,000+

Average salary: USD 69,350

Financial Manager

They coordinate all financial issues in a firm.

Projected positions: 105,000+

Average salary: USD 125,080

Respiratory Therapist

They assess and offer treatment to people with breathing and other respiratory problems.

Projected positions: 30,000+

Average salary: USD 59,710

Computer Systems Analyst

They develop customized computer systems and processes for interested parties.

Projected positions: 50,000+

Average salary: USD 88,270

System Administrator

They handle all computer-related issues in organizations.

Projected positions: 40,000+

Average salary: USD 139,220

Medical and Health Services Manager

They are in charge of routine operations in health institutions.

Projected positions: 70,000+

Average salary: USD 98,350

Dental Hygienist

They work besides dentists, helping with teeth cleaning, X-ray photography, and so forth.

Projected positions: 40,000+

Average salary: USD 74,070


Marketing Manager

They are in charge of a firm’s marketing issues.

Projected positions: 20,000+

Average salary: USD 132,230

Physical Therapist Assistant

They help patients recover from different injuries.

Projected positions: 25,000+

Average salary: USD 57,430


They are good at math, finance, and statistics and help companies minimize financial damage during uncertain scenarios.

Projected positions: 5,000+

Average salary: USD 101,560

Operations Research Analyst

They use sophisticated tech to mine data and create models that help organizations run smoothly.

Projected positions: 30,000+

Average salary: USD 81,390

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

They develop images of organs to help in diagnosis.

Projected positions: 15,000+

Average salary: USD 71,410

Civil Engineer

They design and maintain public infrastructure.

Projected positions: 30,000+

Average salary: USD 84,770

Business Operations Manager

They help firms hire, negotiate deals, create budgets, and make a sensible business decision. 

Projected positions: 200,000+

Average salary: USD 100,410

Landscape designer

They design various outdoor spaces.

Projected positions: 130,000+

Average salary: USD 27,670


They help people who are suffering emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally.

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 97,740

Information Security Analyst

They develop and execute security strategies to safeguard an organization’s network and system.

Projected positions: 25,000+

Average salary: USD 95,510

Mechanical Engineer

They are involved in the making of mechanical equipment, from the designing stage to testing.

Projected positions: 20,000+

Average salary: USD 85,880


They offer advice and representation to clients in legal matters. 

Projected positions: 60,000+

Average salary: USD 119,250

Construction Manager

They plan construction projects, develop cost estimates, and coordinate workers at sites.

Projected positions: 40,000+

Average salary: USD 91,370

Financial Advisor

These experts help their clients with handling and planning their money and assets.

Projected positions: 40,000+

Average salary: USD 90,640

School Psychologist

They assist students with emotional or academic issues.

Projected positions: 20,000+

Average salary: USD 75,090


Political Scientist

They study politics but have ideas that can help in trade and other social issues.

Projected positions: 200+

Average salary: USD 115,110

Orthotist and Prosthetist

These are the experts who create artificial limbs, body braces, and other treatment devices for patients.

Projected positions: 1,000+

Average salary: USD 66,240

Database Administrator

They create databases for organizations, maintain them, and implement appropriate security measures.

Projected positions: 10,000+

Average salary: USD 87,020


They offer eyeglasses prescriptions and necessary eye medications.

Projected positions: 7,000+

Average salary: USD 110, 300

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

They offer treatment to sick people while also conducting outreach initiatives. 

Projected positions: 20,000+

Average salary: USD 43,300

Website Developer

High among careers in demand, is web development. The job of web developers is to build and design websites.

Projected positions: 24,000+

Average salary: USD 66,990

Personal Care Helpers

These are individuals who help to care for people who have terminal illnesses and those disabled, either physically or mentally.

Projected positions: 770,000+

Average salary: USD 23,100


These professionals are responsible for diagnosing and recommending treatment plans to patients suffering from mental disorders.

Projected positions: 3,000+

Average salary: USD 208,000

Community and Social Managers

This job involves working with communities or groups of people in managing and solving particular issues.

Projected positions: 26,000+

Average salary: USD 64,100


These health care professionals support doctors through dispensing prescription medications and ensuring the safe use of drugs.

Projected positions: 17,000+

Average salary: USD 124,000

Home Health Assistants

These people help individuals with chronic illnesses, cognitive disorders, and diabetes to perform day to day activities.

Projected positions: 431,000+

Average salary: USD 23,200

Wind Turbine Technicians

This work involves the installation, repair, and maintenance of wind turbines and therefore requires some technical training.

Projected positions: 5,500+

Average salary: USD 53,800

Computer Network Architects

These architects are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining computer communication networks.

Projected positions: 10,000+

Average salary: USD 104,600


Plumbers plan, develop, and repair water systems and pipes.

Projected positions: 75,000+

Average salary: USD 52,500

Market Research Analysts

These people monitor and forecast trends in sales and marketing to know what consumers demand.

Projected positions: 138,000+

Average salary: USD 63,200


Cost Estimators

Cost estimators assess the costs of products or services for customers and businesses.

Projected positions: 22,000+

Average salary: USD 63,000

Hair Stylists

A hair dresser’s work is to trim, color, and style hair to the client’s desire.

Projected positions: 80,000+

Average salary: USD 24,800

School Counselor

These counselors give students academic and developmental guidance to school going kids.

Projected positions: 36,000+

Average salary: USD 55,400


Veterinary doctors are responsible for examining, diagnosing, and treating pets and other home animals.

Projected positions: 15,000+

Average salary: USD 90,400

Patrol Officer

Patrol officers’ work is to make patrols in the community, respond to reported incidents, and fill out reports.

Projected positions: 47,000+

Average salary: USD 61,000

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform a variety of hospital duties, including measuring patients’ vitals, administering meds and injections, setting appointments, etc.

Projected positions: 183,000+

Average salary: USD 32,400

Human Resource Specialists

Among the top careers there is today, is HR specialist. This role deals with the recruitment, screening, interviewing, and placement of employees in a company.

Projected positions: 32,000+

Average salary: USD 60,300

Computer Administrators

People in this career are responsible for maintaining and updating computer hardware and software.

Projected positions: 24,000+

Average salary: USD 81,000

Industrial Psychologists

These professionals work as consultants who evaluate and solve problems for organizations, corporations, and even the government.

Projected positions: 100+

Average salary: USD 87,000

Sales Managers

People in this role come up with selling strategies and organize their teams to achieve sales objectives.

Projected positions: 28,000+

Average salary: USD 121,000

Loan Officers

These employees evaluate, suggest, and approve loans to individuals and companies.

Projected positions: 36,000+

Average salary: USD 64,600

Medical Secretaries

These secretaries do various behind-the-scenes tasks such as compiling charts and reports, preparing patients’ bills, transcribing notes, etc.

Projected positions: 120,000+

Average salary: USD 34,600

Vocational & Practical Nurses (Licensed)

These nurses do a variety of work under the guidance of a register doctor or nurse, including reporting on a patient’s health, monitoring a patient’s condition, discuss care given with patients, etc.

Projected positions: 88,000+

Average salary: USD $45,000


A biochemist uses his or her knowledge of chemicals to find solutions to biological problems.

Projected positions: 3,500+

Average salary: USD 91,100

Family Therapists

Family and marriage therapists offer support and help resolve issues between spouses, children, or any other family.

Projected positions: 9,600+

Average salary: USD 48,700


High School Teachers

This job entails teaching and counseling teens. A high school teacher must specialize in at least one subject.

Projected positions: 76,000+

Average salary: USD 59,100

Genetic Counselors

This role involves assessing peoples’ risk of getting genetic diseases such as cancer.

Projected positions: 900+

Average salary: USD 77,400

Social Workers

Social workers deal with issues of child neglect, abuse, or poverty.

Projected positions: 40,000+

Average salary: USD 44,300

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts help people make wiser investment choices and also make analyses of clients’ investments.

Projected positions: 32,000+

Average salary: USD 84,000


Paramedics work in the emergency medical services unit and usually respond to life-threatening events.

Projected positions: 37,000+

Average salary: USD 33,300


They use hands-on manipulation, and non-drug treatments alleviate musculoskeletal structure problems, especially the spine.

Projected positions: 5,800+

Average salary: USD 68,600

Mental Health Counselors

These counselors help people suffering from mental disorders such as PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, and depression.

Projected positions: 36,000+

Average salary: USD 43,000

Clinical Social Workers

These social workers perform group or private therapy to identify and treat behavioral, emotional, and mental conditions.

Projected positions: 35,000+

Average salary: USD 54,800

Management Analysts

These people assist companies in boosting efficiency and profits while keeping expenses down.

Projected positions: 115,000+

Average salary: USD 82,400


A logistician deals with transportation, warehousing, inventory tracking, among other processes within the production and distribution process.

Projected positions: 10,000+

Average salary: USD 74,500


A nutritionist/ dietitian helps people in making healthy eating plans and food selections.

Projected positions: 9,800+

Average salary: USD 59,400

Environmental Engineers

These engineers use their engineering expertise plus biology and chemistry knowledge to find solutions to environmental issues.

Projected positions: 4,000+

Average salary: USD 86,000

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists perform massages on clients to ease stress, boost blood circulation in the body, make painful conditions more manageable, among other things.

Projected positions: 42,000+

Average salary: USD 39,900


MRI Technologists

These workers generate MRI scans and images to help doctors diagnose health problems.

Projected positions: 5,000+

Average salary: USD 69,900

Environmental Engineering Technicians

People in demand jobs work together with engineers to mitigate environmental issues such as pollution.

Projected positions: 2,000+

Average salary: USD 50,200


This health care professional deals with drawing of blood and ensure it is done in the right way.

Projected positions: 30,000+

Average salary: USD 33,600

Pharmacy Technicians

This job involves the measurement of drugs and dozes for patients and doctors.

Projected positions: 47,500+

Average salary: USD 31,700

Biomedical Engineer

This career deals with researching and developing solutions to medical and biological issues.

Projected positions: 1,400+

Average salary: USD 88,000

Physical Therapy Assistants

These aides help physical therapists in day to day functions such as setting up therapy equipment.

Projected positions: 15,000+

Average salary: USD 25,700

Technical Writers

Technical writers create a variety of documents, from manuals to guides and web pages.

Projected positions: 5,500+

Average salary: USD 70,900


Fundraisers help all kinds of organizations, institutions, and foundations to raise money for different purposes.

Projected positions: 13,000+

Average salary: USD 55,600

Repair and Maintenance Employees

These people maintain and repair all kinds of connections, machines, or equipment in residential and business premises.

Projected positions: 112,000+

Average salary: USD 37,600

Language Translators

Translators and interpreters are among the most in demand jobs today. Interpreters convert language orally or by gestures while translators do it in writing.

Projected positions: 12,000+

Average salary: USD 47,100

Radiation Therapists

These well paying jobs involve carrying out radiation treatment plans on patients.

Projected positions: 2,000+

Average salary: USD 80,500

Surgical Technologists

These professionals assist surgeons with tasks such as room and tools sterilization during surgery

Projected positions: 12,500+

Average salary: USD 46,300

As you can see, this list provides the best paying jobs in USA of the upcoming year. So, go on and find something that suits your skills, pay expectations, and interests.

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