20 Most Unusual Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Job interviewing process is quite stressful. Dozens of typical questions, on which your future career depends. But it can turn into a real catastrophe when the recruiter starts asking you quiet weird interview questions. An unprepared applicant may stuck disoriented and lost. But after reading this article you will know why you’re asked odd interview questions and what kind of answers you’re expected to give.


1. Are You a Hunter or a Gatherer?

These unusual interview questions are the easiest way to determine the basic strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. There’s no correct answer, however, a lot depends on the type of job you will be doing. For example, a Marketing Assistant is more likely to be a gatherer, searching and analyzing large amounts of information. At the same time, recruiters may look for a hunter-type person at an Account Manager position – the person who will be able to win the clients and catch the opportunities.

2. What Do You Believe In, That Most People Don’t?

This one could be considered one of the weird questions unless you’re applying at a sect or religious organization. However, if you asked a question like that, the recruiter is probably trying to discover your personality better. For example, this one will help to figure out how deeply you think and your general cultural awareness.

3. How Many Books Could You Fit Into This Room?

You are more likely to be asked such a question when applying at a technical position that requires strong problem-solving skills. You are supposed to demonstrate the way you are going to resolve this task, rather than provide an accurate answer, as the question is asked to check your logical thinking abilities.

4. What Is Your Favorite Fairy Tale and Why?

There are several reasons for this type of questions. First, is to allow the candidate to relax and establish a friendly atmosphere. Second, it allows to understand the type of applicant’s personality and their personal traits as well as basic values.

5. What Board Game Do You Like the Most?

Despite this one can seem like one of fun interview questions, recruiters say it helps to reveal candidate’s strengths, as well as the types of activities they prefer. For example, a Monopoly lover is probably an ambitious person with strong strategical thinking abilities able to spend long hours resolving a challenging task.


6. Would You Damage Your Colleague’s Career to Climb Up the Ladder?

This is an excellent question to discover a person’s priorities and work ethics. Those who answer positively are more ambitious and proactive employees. At the same time, they may sabotage company culture and pay less attention to the environment inside the team.

7. List 10 Things You Could Do with a Clip Other Than to Bind Papers.

Well, this one is at the top of crazy interview questions. It is often asked by recruiters, as it helps to reveal your creativity and out of the box thinking. Let your imagination work for you and try to remember the funniest stories of your life. Have you never tried to uncork the bottle of wine with a clip?

8. Which Superpowers You’d Choose Between Invisibility and Flying?

This question will help the recruiters to find out what kind of leader you are. Those who choose flying tend to be visible, extraverted and inspiring leaders, while those who prefer invisibility choose to control the processes behind the scenes.

9. Have You Ever Been in the Mountains?

They want to see how you answer those funny interview questions. Of course, you are not expected to provide “yes” or “no” answer. Some candidates tell funny stories, others explain why they liked or didn’t enjoy such an experience. This can show if a person can become a good fit for the company culture, what hobbies and interests he or she has, how he or she spends spare time, etc.

10. What Is Your Spirit Animal and Why?

The answer to this question can demonstrate the values and personality traits of a candidate and show how they see themselves as a part of society.


11. How Would You Describe a Red Color to a Blind Person?

If you’re asked something like that during the interview, your recruiter probably wants to test your creativity, imagination, and ability to think outside the box. It also helps to determine problem-solving skills and work ethics.

12. If You Had an Opportunity, How Would You Transform the Society?

Giving an answer to this question, you can show the level of your social responsibility, as well as an ability to think globally. This would also shed the light on the global issues you care the most and your personality in general.

13. Why Manholes Are Round?

Just turn on your ability to think logically. First, of all, any other shape, other than circular could allow the cover to fall into the hole easily. Besides, it can be easily removed on need.

14. What If Another Employer Would Suggest Twice Higher Salary Than We Offer?

Well, this question is rather difficult to answer. Probably, there’s no correct explanation. What we could recommend, is to be sincere with the interviewer. If you start assuring that you would never accept such an offer, the recruiter would feel your dishonesty and decline your candidacy.

15. Imagine, You Got an Elephant. You Could Not Sell It or Give It Away. What Would You Do With It?

This question tests your creativity and sense of humor.   Make some fun. “Ride it to work” or “Perform in a circus with it” would be nice answers.


16. Imagine You Discovered Your Boss Is Having an Affair With Other Employer. What Would You Do?

This is a good question to demonstrate your work ethics and compliance with company rules, on the one hand. On the other hand, you could prove your loyalty and ability to handle confident information. The trick is, that you never know which answer you’re expected to give. It may depend on the position and the company you’re applying at. But the honesty and good arguments is the key to the correct reply.

17. What Are the Traits of Character You Like the Most and the Least In Your Parents?

Asking this question the recruiter gets a chance to see if the person could become a good fit for the company culture. The qualities they like and dislike in their parents would attract or irritate the person in coworkers. Besides, the traits they name as positive are those, the person will demonstrate and develop in himself or herself.

18. If You Were to Become a Kitchen Appliance, Which One Would You Choose?

Well, this question could confound even the most stress-resistant applicant. But actually, its aim is to let the candidate relax and feel the friendly atmosphere and demonstrate personal traits, sense of humor, creativity, and imagination. The good answer could sound like “I would be the oven as I have the hot heart and able to turn semi-manufactures into ready-made products.”

19. Imagine Yourself On a Deserted Island. You Don’t Need to Take Care of Any Human Needs Including Water and Food. What Things Would You Like to Have With You?

Be careful. The answer to this question can reveal your life priorities. That is why take care to provide detailed arguments. For example, the person can choose a cell phone and laptop. But one can explain their choice as it can help them to stay online with their boss, while another one would prefer to use it to stay in contact with their family. The choice of books and wine would demonstrate your introverted side, while easel or camera can show you as an artistic person.

20. What If You Found a Lottery Ticket and Won $10M right After This Interview?

Some recruiters are looking for employees who would be motivated not just by money but would also enjoy the work they do, the team they work with, strive to personal and professional development, etc. So, if you’re asked such a question, the recruiter probably wants to know your real motivation towards the work. Thus, if you really want to be employed, then planning how you’re going to spend the rest of your life without work, is not the best idea.

Now you can prepare to weird interview questions and answers to them I advance. Hope, now you will become even more successful during your interviews.

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