30+ Best jobs for lazy people that pay well

A few years ago, the BBC stated that humans are biologically bent to laziness according to the research conducted by Canadian scientists. So do not be ashamed of your inner wish to find a position where you would work without extra efforts. In order not to bother your sloth, we prepared a list of jobs for lazy people, meaning, almost all the people and you in particular. Further, you may find several types of your possible lazy career:

  • Jobs without a degree
  • Tester jobs
  • Online positions
  • Bizarre careers

Here they are!


Dog Walker

What can be better than walking in the park in the early sunny morning or charming evening with the birds singing and happy dogs sniffing? Only such a walk that pays. And knowing that you do not have to look after the dogs the other 20 hours of your day.

Mystery Shopper

If you are a lazy person who is crazy about shopping, this is a perfect match for both you and some stores which are intent on being better than their competitors. Offering such job opportunity, companies benefit from it as well as you do.

Court Reporter

This is an updated version of obsolete typist or stenographer position for people who hate multitasking. You have to do nothing but type, type, and type really fast. Don`t worry though, you will be taught to type in such a quick tempo.

Security Guard

There are very rare cases when the ordinary guard should leave their shell to protect something. Their main duty is to stay invisible for visitors, but apparent for malevolent people. And the keyword “to stay” is a verb with a meaning of no motion or action.

Shop Consultant

You know, how shoppers hate annoying consultants. So the most important requirement for this job is an attitude opposite to the hustling one – calm, even-tempered, inconspicuous, discrete and even a bit lazy.


Although sometimes you have to stand or lie in an extremely uncomfortable position to make a picture you will treasure, it is a relatively easy job that pays well.  Also, in the interview for the Guardian photographers demonstrate the importance of this profession.


You may be wondered to know that this profession does not require a degree in finances, as this job is quite monotonous and can be learned even by every lazy one.

Professional Skateboarder

When you was a teenager riding skate or BMX bike, you probably were perceived as a lazybones by adults. But if you continue doing it professionally, congrats, now you will be considered to be not a lazybones, but a bit more respectfully – a “lazy person”. Don`t mind, now you`ll get money for your “lazy hobby”.


TV/Movie Extra   

Do you like watching TV shows? Or maybe you always wanted to appear on television? Here is a good chance for you to get closer to your favorite actors or anchors and feel the blaze of glory.

Food Taster

This occupation is among the jobs for lazy people who love eating more than doing nothing. Enjoy your meal, give feedback and get your salary!

Chocolate Taster

Embrace yourself to experience the taste of disgusting chocolate. Of course, it is nonsense! Disgusting chocolate doesn`t exist, unlike the chocolate taster position.

Ice cream Taster

Has your mom told you to not eat so much ice-cream? She just didn`t know you were training to become an ice-cream taster and get money for it.

Beer Taster

When you need to relax after rigorous and tense employment from the days gone by, you may find a low stress job of beer taster. But then you will have to drink beer not with your friends after work, but with your colleagues at work.

Food Critic

Here is a new career opportunity for those experienced food tasters who like to leave feedback more than actually taste. So go through some further training and get a promotion.

Test Subject

Eco-conscious people don`t support testing of any product on animals. Do you? Empathy can be paid for an agreement to test the products on yourself after they were confirmed to be not toxic or dangerous.

Video Game Tester

One more chance to make your hobby an everyday well-paid job. However, be ready that you won`t fully enjoy its process, as you will come across some bugs or errors.


Bed & Amenities Tester

Open for yourself the easiest job in the world, resting in the various hotels for free and criticizing the softness of your bed for the money. Isn`t it a dream job?

Furniture Tester

This job is not only about the comfort of your back while sitting on the chair, but also about lying on the sofa. And one more fact, which sounds crazy, you`ll be paid for crashing some furniture items.


Online tutoring is among easy jobs that pay well. Remember, $200 billion is spent on tutoring each year according to the Forbs journalists.

Freelance Writer

This occupation belongs to jobs for antisocial people as well as any online job. If you like staying home and communicate better with yourself than others, take this position.


Well, not an easy job for your brain, but joyful for you, if you are good at languages.


It is high time for those who do not want to work in the office! Express creativity and write or shoot and post something unique for the Internet users staying wherever you wish.


Nowadays Instagramming belongs to easy high paying jobs for everyone. In order to become an outstanding photographer, look through the tips of Instablogging presented by Esquire experts.

Fortune Cookie Writer

This profession opens a list of the most bizarre but still existing and most importantly paid jobs.

Use Facebook memes or Instagram photo descriptions to ease this lazy job even more.


Let`s Player

Do you enjoy playing video games and have a good sense of humor? Then you should try making Let’s Plays. Just imagine: you have fun doing what you like to do, sharing your experience with other players and earning money, of course!

Weed trimmer

The latest articles in Madison prove that Marijuana decriminalization plan is actively discussed in the government, and its realization will take some money from the budget. As soon as it is approved, you are welcome to join the process of weed preparation for sales. 


And becoming a budtender, you`ll help people to buy medical cannabis for their needs.

TV/movie tagger

An interesting career chance! Watch the series or films even at work to help people to find the content they search for.

Sleep study participant

If you are extremely lazy and only capable of sleeping, you also can be employed. Get money while sleeping and help the scientists to study subconscious.


Do you have excellent communicative skills? Use them to apologize for someone who has a lack of words or confidence.

Professional cuddler

A job which will suit you, in case you love tactile contacts with people. Being a philanthropist or/and kinesthetic, you are a perfect candidate for the position of a cuddler.

Fake business person

Attention, jobs for lazy geniuses who always wanted to become businessmen or actors pretending businessmen!

Professional slacker

The best job for lazy person you ever saw is right here. Some tour agencies hire adepts of doing nothing.  You must be confident in your talent to idle, otherwise, you won`t be paid.

We hope you will find your dream job among those presented above, even in case you are lazier than a sloth.  So when you want to have some fun and salary at once, choose a bizarre career for yourself.  If you have an antisocial worldview, it is not a problem for being employed in remote positions. If you are too truant to get a professional qualification, jobs without a degree listed here will bring you a gain. Good luck!

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