15 Hottest jobs in the legal marijuana industry

Not so long ago, the use of marijuana was illegal at a federal level in all 50 states. However, as of 2019 marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in 10 US states and the medical marijuana usage – in 33 states and the territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and D.C.

Taking into consideration the recent changes in substance legalization, marijuana​ industry​ has started developing at a breathtaking path. Over the past years, many companies have emerged in this field. They offer amazing and weed friendly jobs​ that never existed before to people interested in advancing the cannabis​ industry.​


States that already legalized cannabis and states that will legalize weed by 2020​ will create approximately 250K of new jobs. Compared to 2017, the number of cannabis industry jobs ​increased almost by 450%. It means that it outpaced the tech industry by 255% and healthcare by 70%. Therefore, the opportunities in this career field are immense. Mostly all jobs are provided by California​,​ but Colorado and Washington also have a big interest in ​cannabis cultivation jobs​ employees.

If you decided to pursue marijuana​ jobs,​ you should know that you can be involved in diverse areas of the industry. You can work directly with cannabis plant and perform tasks as growing, extraction, packing or delivery. If you want to avoid contact with the substance but are still willing to work in this field, you can try jobs in marketing, technology, legal support.

So, if you are seriously thinking to pursue marijuana​ industry jobs,​ here is the list of 15 alternative job​ openings in demand​ with an average​ salary​ for each of them:

1. Marijuana trimmer

Cannabis trimmer ​is the most common entry-level job. It is a perfect job to start your career in the marijuana​ field.​ Trimmer position involves trimming leaves, removing buds from the stems to make the plant visually appealing and prepare it for sale. No special education for this job is needed, however, an employee has to be at least 21 years old to be allowed to work.

Average national salary range: $12 per hour to $14 per hour

Companies hiring: Palomar Craft Cannabis, Cannabis Verified, Hemp Temps, LivWell Enlightened Health, BudHire, GreenForce, High Mountain Health.

2. Budtender

Budtender jobs ​are the most popular jobs​ in the marijuana industry.​ This job will be perfect for you if you enjoy interacting with people. Budtender closely communicates with customers so outstanding interpersonal abilities, sales and customer service skills ​​are needed. Main responsibilities include checking IDs, prescription cards, tracking all marijuana sales and helping customers with choosing the products, informing how to use them, and what effect to expect. Previous experience is not required, however, good knowledge in cannabis will be a significant plus.

Average national salary range: $13 per hour to $16 per hour

Companies hiring: Native Roots Extracts, Cannabis Verified, GreenForce, Green Elephant, JBCStyle, Connected Cannabis Co., Green Thumb Industries.

3. Dispensary manager

Marijuana dispensary jobs ​are suitable for accomplished​ managers.​ Like any other store, marijuana dispensary needs qualified management so all processes run smoothly.

Dispensary manager position is very attractive among other marijuana​ jobs.​ Experienced retail professionals or people with prior experience in pharmacology might be hired for this position. Main responsibilities will include managing the staff, tracking inventory, cultivating a clean professional working environment and ensuring the effectiveness of all processes.

Average national salary range: $55K to $100K

Companies Hiring: GreenForce, Cannabis Verified, Native Roots Extracts, Green Thumb Industries, Green Elephant, JBCStyle, Connected Cannabis Co.


4. Head grower

Head grower is one of the most significant and important roles in medical​ marijuana jobs.​ Why? The answer is quite simple. Growing strong and healthy cannabis is real science and even art. This job involves such processes as overseeing planting, feeding, watering plants and also managing the pest. Besides, head grower, who is also called master grower or director of cultivation, has to manage a team of other growers, monitor their performance and interact with compliance inspectors and law enforcement. The experience in horticulture is mandatory for this position.

Average national salary range: $90K to $250K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

5. Director of the extraction

Director of the extraction is considered to be one of the most demanding cannabis​ industry jobs.​ This role is well-paid as it requires unique expertise and skill set from a candidate. Director of the extraction oversees the production of safe oils and regulates the concentration of such oils in different marijuana products. The main task is to accurately extract the exact amount of THC/CBD. In most cases, the Ph.D. in biochemistry is required.

Average national salary range: $70K to $190K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

6. Marijuana Packager

This is a perfect way to enter the cannabis​ careers.​ The job itself is very simple so it’s perfect for entry-level candidates. It involves safe and efficient packing of cannabis goods and products so they can be safely delivered. Career development is also possible in this role.

Average national salary range: $17K to $40K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

7. Marijuana Courier

A transporter is in the top among ​cannabis jobs.​ It is very simple and your driving license is needed only. You will be responsible for delivering cannabis to customers after you load the van with products. The job also includes managing marijuana delivery documents and ensuring that customers fill all papers. While developing your cannabis careers on this position, it’s also possible to earn some extra tips after delivery.

Average national salary range: $20K to $35K

Companies Hiring: Williams LLC, Ohana Gardens, Green Thumb Industries, Fresh Mint Collective, Williams LLC, Humboldt Legends, GreenRush.


8. Laboratory Worker

In the marijuana industry, they perform all the tasks needed to manufacture marijuana goods. A lab worker will operate extraction equipment, process concentrates and extracts, ensure the compliance with all federal and state regulations and laws.

Average national salary range: $30K to $75K

Companies Hiring: Hocking College, KDS Executive Search & Staffing, PerkinElmer, UCHealth, Fluid Manufacturing, Parkview Medical Center, Tanner Medical Center, Moffitt Cancer Center.

9. Marketing Manager

Among all medical marijuana jobs, one of the most interesting is the marketing manager, who will be dealing with development and expanding (or even launching) a cannabis industry brand. The role involves the creation of effective marketing strategies, performing market research and analysis, advertising, engaging with clients and managing all public relations.

Average national salary range: $30K to $110K

Companies Hiring: Designworks Talent, Packaging Brothers, Global Strategic Management Institute, Flowhub, SVN10 Creation.

10. Sales Representative

To nurture a profitable relationship, sales​ representatives ​will help marijuana businesses make new deals and communicate with licensed buyers who will pay for cannabis products.

Average national salary range: $25K to $150K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

11. Account Manager

The main responsibility of an account manager will be to establish sustainable relationships with new clients and grow already existing base of partners. Also, it will include managing revenue pipelines and launching new sales initiatives.

Average national salary range: $50K to $110K

Companies Hiring: ForceBrands, Leafbuyer Technologies Inc, The Scienomics Group, Vangst & more.


12. IT ​Manager​

An IT professional will be needed to design effective sales-tracking software. It will help to make all processes more accurate and effective. Also a professional will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all software-related processes.

Average national salary range: $80K to $200K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

13. Lawyer

Cannabis growing industry is a tricky one in a legal area. The laws regulating prohibition and legalization of marijuana are changing rapidly, so having a qualified lawyer on board has to be a top priority to address all eventual issues.

Average national salary range: $55K to $210K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

14. Accountant​

For this industry, it’s vital to keep all financial records accurate. An accountant will be responsible for managing cash, handling all tax-related issues, processing payments and obtaining credits. Previous experience is a must.

Average national salary range: $40K to $120K

Companies hiring: Palomar Craft Cannabis, Cannabis Verified, Hemp Temps, LivWell Enlightened Health, BudHire, GreenForce, High Mountain Health.

15. Electrician

Electricians are needed everywhere, even in the marijuana field. If you have enough expertise you will be hired to help with lighting and electrical needs. Your assistance will be required when new grow houses to produce cannabis will be built.

Average national salary range: $30K to $90K

Companies Hiring: Cannabis Verified, Designworks Talent, Curaleaf, Surterra, Green Thumb Industries.

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