10 Stunning LinkedIn Background Photo Ideas

You have finished your LinkedIn profile editing and now are out of ideas for perfecting your profile? You did everything you could think of: you uploaded a professional photo of yourself, you added relevant skills, you created robust job descriptions, even the summary is amazing. Yet, every time you look at your profile, it looks bland and uninteresting. However, when you look at the profiles of others, their profiles feel more professional, more intricate. What gives!? What is that secret ingredient that makes some profiles stand out and others impossible to remember.


Now, now, do not worry. There is a simple solution to all of this – good LinkedIn backgrounds. Yes, that is correct. Humans are very visual creatures, and we give a lot of meaning to the aesthetics and subconsciously analyze and interpret imagery according to our values. This is the reason why some LinkedIn profiles may be almost blank, and still they are able to attract us. LinkedIn background image is the only visual thing on our beloved professional network that we fully control, which is why it is so important to utilize the full potential of LinkedIn cover photos.

Additionally, these banner photos may not only carry aesthetic weight but also can state something of value, for example, your business goals, corporate ideas, or work conditions. When choosing a background picture for your LinkedIn profile make sure you no not only pay close attention to the contents of the picture but also to its size. The optimal LinkedIn cover photo size is 1400x425 pixels.

If you are stuck, here are some exceptional LinkedIn background photo ideas:

1. Work Environment


Show off your working space! This is one of the most basic options. It is elegant and simple, when talking about visual aspects. Also, this kind of LinkedIn background carries a basic enterprise message of professionalism. You display your dedication and level of involvement in the professional life. If you take up a managerial or even executive-level post, then putting up a photo of a meeting room can additionally display ownership and your high professional status.

2. Client Wishes


Instead of focusing on professional life, you could go in the opposite direction and hammer down on the client-side. What do we mean? All of us have goals, which we reach through some means or others. This definition especially includes customers. So, why not display the end goal, which you help achieve by delivering your expertise? For example, if you work in apparel field, why not show how good the customers can look in the clothing you offer to sell.

The main difficulty here is not to promote your product. Do not imply that your product is what people need to become happy, rich, fit, and so on, and so forth. Simply state: “I care about my clients’ livelihood and wellbeing, which is why I provide these specific services”

3. City Skyline


This is a universal LinkedIn cover photo, and it does not rely on your occupation at all. You can either choose a city that you live in right now or a city, which has sentimental value. This will add some personality and character to your professional page.

However, it is all the more beneficial if your work is geographically reliant. For example, if you work in a Logistics firm, then featuring your city or a landmark is a good idea. Why? You show off potential professional contacts for the place you are based in.

4. Business Office


Do you want to how to display loyalty, credibility, status, and reputation in your LinkedIn background photo all at once? It is extremely easy – put up the building you work in as your background. This maneuver is especially effective if you working in a well-known organization. Office lobby with the company logo could work too. This will specific align your profile with the field you work in.

5. The Clients Themselves


Featuring the clients or the process of working with them signifies how dedicated you are to positively influencing their lives. This is perfect for professionals that face their clients every day. For example, for someone who is working in sales, this LinkedIn background picture will establish between your profile and the industry, so nobody will guess what you do for living.

6. Company Goals


Here is another idea for your LinkedIn background: show off the impact your company has on the world. Obviously, the picture has to carry some positive message or anyone who will be looking at your profile will get infuriated. A big plus, if the company end goals and results are connected to current professional trends, including eco-friendliness, power efficiency, and green technology innovations.

7. Work Tools


Another option is to show your tools of the trade. Everybody loves the idea of a hard-working person that is fully taken over by their vocation. Placing your daily working tools will show that you are enamored with your work and cannot live without it. No, even better, it will show that your work is your life.

8. What You Offer


This is one is among the most popular options on the list. Most of the people (except for those ones, which do not change their background) opt for showcasing the product they deliver. May it be, project management services, logistics and supply chain services, event organization services, many decide to directly tie their profile and by extension their social image with their work field.

9. Yourself Working


What really gets the message through is when people see someone actually doing the work they claim to perform. You may include the products you offer, the happy clients, the beautiful business architecture, the region you work in, but nothing will be as impactful as seeing someone succeed at their craft. If you are a musician, show yourself performing on the stage. If you are a mechanical engineer, show yourself inside the factory developing the next innovation in machinery.

10. Patterns and textures


Lastly, if nothing suits you or none of the options are to your liking, then you can go for some textures and patterns to make a mark in the visitors of your page. Here, you have creative freedom and express yourself, if you belong to the creative types.

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