How technologies аffect the look of a resume

Tell me, what was the last time you took a critical look on your resume?

We all got used that resume is a one-page summary of all skills, qualifications, educational and working background. Chances are, this outdated and old-fashioned CV will never be considered for a job opening. It can block our success and lower our chances to get an invitation for the interview. It is high time for quality changes.

Nowadays technologies are developing at a breathtaking pace. They alter everything that surrounds us. Even speaking of resume, its image shifted and it is possible to go beyond common ideas and to create something offbeat. So, don’t miss the opportunity to make your CV better.

The quality of a resume plays a crucial role in the recruitment process. It is the first document that introduces you to a hiring manager and it is one and only mean that characterizes you as a professional and as a person. Your career success depends on it because an employer will form a first impression of you.

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes per job opening and some of them don`t even manage to get to the table thanks to ATS implementation. They have to go through all of them, so HR spends just a few seconds to read it.  With constantly growing hiring volume it is not so easy to stand out in the pile of similar-looking black and white resumes. As technology and recruitment are inseparable, make use of technologies to make your CV sparkle. Modern tools allow you to create something memorable, unconventional and employer will probably pick the creative and unique one.

When it comes to the CV design, you should understand that it has to fit company’s culture. If you apply for a corporate vacancy, your resume should be simple, readable and clean. Those who apply for some creative job openings - feel free to show your creativity.

Here are 3ways technology helps us:

  • They answer the question «Which font to use for resume?»


If you prefer more traditional resume template, but you are willing to refresh your old one this tip is for you. The easiest way to breathe new life into your CV is to replace outdated Times New Roman with more modern fronts (e.g.Cambria, Calibri, Georgia or something even fancier), do not forget to make use of the best resume fonts. You can also experiment with colors. Add to your classic CV a simple color accent and it will make your resume more attractive and sophisticated. By incorporating colors you will create a modern looking CV without compromising on professionalism. Resume builders offer lots of templates and colors solutions, so it will definitely help you to create a dream resume.

  • They usepersonal infographic resume for your prosperity


If you are considering a creative position a killer resume an infographic resume creation software is certainly for you. An infographic style CV will help you to organize your qualification and abilities into a minimalistic layout. There are a lot of diverse tools and services that will help you in creating a perfect visual resume. With this alternative solution you can showcase your skills, experience and achievements in a graphical version. A text CV is yesterday’s news. This eye-catching visual resume will help you to get hired on the spot. Its colorful design will entice every hiring manager. Thanks to a simple layout it will take only few seconds for recruiter to skim, but at the same time it is so informative. It contains charts, graphic elements, timelines, color schemes, icons to show applicant’s professional history. The Internet is replete with various templates and designs to choose from, so use it and be ready to land a job.

  • They make a video resume to promote you


A perfect modern enhancement to your traditional text CV will be a video resume. It is the great way to literally demonstrate your verbal communication skills, presentation abilities, to emphasize your knowledge of modern technologies and your creativeness. There are also plenty of tools and software that will facilitate the video-making process. A video presentation lasts for 1 minute on average. It is better to mention only those facts and details that are not included in your text resume. In fact, 60 seconds is enough to highlight the most outstanding capabilities, achievements and background, or tell some relevant information that will make a difference to a recruiter. Do not recite what’s already on your CV - video presentation is a perfect occasion to share career goals and to explain interest in a position. It is a right opportunity to explain why you should be considered for this position and prove that you are the best fit for a vacancy.

Say goodbye to your outdated resume. Put a little bit more efforts and implement your knowledge of modern technologies in order to boost your career. This approach will certainly lead you to success. A modern looking CV will make a strong first impression and your creativeness will be noticed.  

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