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Making decisions is never easy. Especially when they may influence future life and career. That is why job seekers often struggle choosing from several vacancies. On the one hand, applying to multiple jobs is a normal process. However, the situation stops feeling comfortable when the candidate is applying to two different jobs at the same company. Can such an application be successful? The common answer to this question from recruiters is “No”.

Nevertheless, the cases when candidates were employed to the desired company, even though they were interviewed for several different positions, exist. So, let’s have a look at some strategies and see if any of them works.


Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

What should you do if you’ve chosen your dream company you want to work for, but can’t decide which job is the best fit for you? Some of the candidates believe, the more applications they make, the more chances they have to get the job. Actually, not. Even at the large companies, recruiters notice the same names at the candidates’ lists. Besides, many organizations install Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that help to sort out the resumes. Having rejected your application once, the system will decline your further attempts.  What is more, stalking the company site for new vacancies, you create an image of a rather indecisive and annoying person no one wants to deal with.

Whether to Apply for Similar or Different Positions

We hope you’ve understood that applying to multiple jobs at the same company is not the best idea. Especially when the candidate tries to apply for a wide range of roles – from a Housekeeper to Marketing Executive. But every rule has its exceptions. Sometimes several similar positions may be open at different departments within one company. Alternatively, there can be two positions in one department that require close collaboration and knowledge of the same industry. In this case, recruiters are likely to understand your hesitations and consider your application. 


Make It Exceptional

When you apply to multiple positions at same company, you should understand that it is not the common practice and the situation you face with is not beneficial. You lose to the competitors who exactly know what job they want to get. Thus, you should get prepared and make your application exceptional so that recruiter invites you for the interview. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Explain why working for this particular company is important for you
  • Describe why are you applying for this position
  • Specify the skills you have that are necessary for one and another job
  • Demonstrate your experience and explain how you can benefit from it at both positions.

To Hide or Not To Hide

Some of the candidates try to conceal the information about their previous attempts to be employed at the company or even that they are already being interviewed for another position. But it looks rather silly in the recruiter’s eyes. Even in case, two different employees work with the positions you apply at, they talk to each other, discuss the candidates and may have a common database of candidates. Once they discover your lie, you have no chances with any of them. The key point to success is honesty and adequate explanations. Benefit from the cover letter to describe your motivations and competencies towards the positions you are interested in.


General Application: Pros and Cons

In case multiple positions are open at the same time, you should decide to either make one general application or separate ones.

Well, it depends. If you apply at two different positions within the same domain, it’s better to use different and personalized applications for each job. First of all, two different recruiters may read your profile. Secondly, you will be able to make changes to the resume to demonstrate why you fit the particular position. On the other hand, if the positions have a similar description and requirements, it is more reasonable to make one application package for both of them.

How to Behave During the Interview

Transparency is important. Although the recruiter knows you apply for several positions at a time, they will appreciate your honesty when you state it at the very beginning. Moreover, the HR specialist can help you to decide which positions you fit the best. During the job interview, they will provide you with detailed descriptions of the positions, peculiarities of each of them and differences between them. Be responsible and demonstrate your interest in asking questions. Right after the interview, you should be ready with your decision and go on with standard application procedures.

Care about the Impression You Make

Remember, you never make the first impression twice. Thus, keep focused at all the stages when applying to several positions at the same company. The impression you make on the job market influences your reputation for a future career. Even if you don’t get the job, you never know who your future partners may be. Such an unusual job application is a risky decision. You should understand and take responsibility. Think twice before making a further step. Check all your actions to be adequate and reasonable and get your dream job!

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