Store Manager resume sample

Mary Ann
Store Manager
  • [email protected]
  • 1111-1111-1111
  • Skype: mary.ann.wilson
  • United States, Brooklyn, NY
  • 8th Street West, 14, Ap. #2
Professional Summary
Seasoned industry veteran with vast industry knowledge. I am looking for a fulltime Store Manager position where, along with my knowledge and experience, I can utilize my client relations and customer satisfaction and product knowledge and achieving results and inventory skills. I am eager to climb the corporate ladder and reach my dream job.
  • analytical thinker
  • cool under pressure
  • dependable
  • teamwork
  • proactive
  • accept feedback
  • handling criticism
  • attentive to details
Professional Experience
Sales Associate — Marshalls
04/2014 — 11/2017
• Patience, attentiveness and the ability to read customers
• Handle all customer requests to ensure overall customer satisfaction
• Demonstrate a deep understanding of the company's products or services
• Working hard so as to achieve desired goals
• Review existing machinery/equipment placement, and create diagrams to illustrate efficient space utilization, using standard measuring devices and templates.
• Strive to achieve maximum sales profitability and growth by up-selling products.
• Expert in verbal and written communication

Marketing and Business — Gordon State College — Bachelor of Science
08/2014 — Till now
Technical skills
Cash register ••••••••••
Microsoft Word ••••••••••
Microsoft Excel ••••••••••
Zoho CRM ••••••••••
Microsoft Dynamics ••••••••••
Salesforce ••••••••••
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